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Name next upgrade for WD above you


I would say get a blackthorne pants. The stats on your current pants are low, and you got no loh at all. Got my pants for 5m and i think find it good for raw stats.
@ prawns

Easy upgrade...you have to change that left finger...looks pretty weak compared to you other gear. Get one with AR, more intel....shouldn't even be too expensive.
Give a look please Pros-

Keep in mind, I generally play an unconventional locust+primary build. Actually thinking of adding some AS when I can afford it. How can I cheaply increase DPS? For my style? Thanks

PS: too noob to contribute much.
zuggles i have wad u need xD feel free to rate me too
I think you got to a point where its super hard to find more dps but I notice your all res and life is not rly high is it a problem in higuer mp?
I would try to get lacuni with all res and maybe tal amulet with % life or ar

zuni vision with CC
Lacuni Prowlers
ring with both CC & CD

(my own problem is my low vit. really don't know how to deal with it ... )
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Can I get some advice? I got skipped.
New Vile ward with better int and vit are cheap now.
@pingpong. Nice gear, but a pox with CC would be a big upgrade

Nice MF setup. Maybe get a new amulet with higher CC.

Vile Ward

**** I got skipped !!!!! Some advice plz ****
@ Sheila.
1)Pox for set bonus
2) Legendary Mojo
3) Innas Pants or Lacuni bracers
not enough intelligence. need more CD on ur weapon.
nice mana regen
@ Ryusenka

Damnation Harm, if you could find a ring with some of those same stats and some core stats like vit and int you would be ballin. Raw damage wouldn't hurt either.

Also if you snag a witching hour, but I don't think thats what you need right now as they are hard to come by with all res.
your zuni boots
@ Dynafrom

I would try and upgrade your vile ward and get one with about 100 more int.
@Frisky - 2 options for you. Of course you already know you could benefit from a witching hour, but you can also replace your bracer with one with 6% crit chance with higher int/vit and maybe something else (ie pickup radius or AR).

Cheers- Axxe
@ Axxegrinder - CC on your ammy

Well your gear sucks.... I would guess, vit on your vile wards, but man you make it tough to suggest an upgrade.

Someone please do me, I just started playing a WD. :)
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