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Coming from Hardcore....help me out :D

I lost my paragon 53 WD on HC this past weekend and am now going back to my SC WD. I died playing MP3 farming keys for a Hellfire ring.

I had over 100 mil HC gold and changed it over to SC ~350mil and went shopping. I spent about half the gold on me and half the gold on my GF's wizard. A solid portion was spent on a nice Skorn for higher MP farming that's not in my profile.

I can play MP0-MP5 quite comfortably with this setup, but was curious about the spirit barrage build and higher MPs. My profile isn't update to date skill wise...so here's my normal set up.


Any tips, tricks or knowledge is appreciated :D I"m still getting used to dying...may take of SV as I get a bit more comfortable at higher MPs.
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You got a pretty standard high MP bears build setup, just work on improving your deeps.
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Replace your JF with BloodRitual for better dps sustainment. Take off the snake in the face and pop in something more useful. Snake in the face is useful really only if you are the person responsible for cc on uber fights... otherwise it's useless to me.

You can take a look at my build if you want. You have semi-similar gear to me except a lot lower in most of the affixes. It really depends on the type of playstyle you like and the build that fits that playstyle. If you are wanting to go for a bear build for higher MP levels, you can look at mine. The build that I use is below:

MP0-1 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#RfUdXi!TYc!acacZb (speed farming)

MP2-4 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#fTUdQY!TYc!cZacbc (basically like 1.0.4 inferno)

MP5-7 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#fbUdQY!TUc!cbacbc (WM + VQ for mana sustain on bear spam) with my dps, I can still use GI on MP5-7... with your lower dps it might not be as beneficial. You probably can replace it with SV if you still need the get out of death free card.

MP8-10 http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#fbUdTY!XUc!cbaccc (found that having another pet to mitigate damage was helpful in MP10... I sometimes go back to BBV and Bad Medicine is helpful over GI for such high hp levels of monsters)

Hope this helps,

EDIT: I also replace BBV with Hex/Jinx when I go on MP5-7 key and farm runs. I found that hexing the keywardens is the best cc over BBV in those cases.
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Fantastic :D My SC character is already way stronger than my HC P53 ever was...since things are so much cheaper in the SC AH. I went for an mid-tier items in most spots and will upgrade in the future. I like the build variety and I also have a decent Skorn for higher MPs that gives a similar character sheet dmg as my Knife/Mojo....since TotD and GI isnt as useful.

I can do MP5 quite comfortably solo but haven't had to much luck higher yet.

Thanks again!
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