Diablo® III

150k DPS arcane monk looking for upgrades

I am just looking for upgrades and if upgrades are found I will be selling the replaced piece.


Not looking to switch from 2h Skorn to 1handers, but I am looking for a new skorn with the same (higher) stats.

EDIT: I do have a witching hour and a better ring in place of my hellfire ring that I swap for ubers.
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damn your life is low..... but with that life steal i guess its K. a new inna's chest with 250+ vit could help. Also why are u not using the bell when u are in 2h setup? just curious?
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You might actually benefit from not using your nat set, their DPS are too low,

you will actually be better off with a Zunimmasa boots, arcane, +7% poison dmg, 190 dex, 90 vit, and 60+ arcane res, with a nice avg dmg, dex/socket, cc5, cd35+ ring

boots: lowest I check last time was ~15m
ring like that are more expensive these day, but you can get a pretty good one for 10-20m

maybe it will nest you a nice 5k dmg increase, and an extra 90 vit.
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We pretty much have the same setup but you're about 30K dps ahead. The three pieces I would imagine you can replace are:

1. Bracer, 5.5 crit+ without losing dex or Lacuni for CC/IAS.
2. If you're willing to break your 4 inna's, Witching Hour and Mempo helm are BiS.
3. Hellfire ring for a di-fecta.

As for me, those upgrades will have to hold off till I get a better Skorn with lifesteal. Is your 5.7% LS skorn enough for MP6+? Are you able to facetank in plague or molten? I would imagine you'd have to do quite a bit of dodging still with sub 30K HP.
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Agree mostly with tyraelfantom:
1) Bracers with 5.5 crit+ without losing dex
2) Gloves with a high IAS roll or higher CD roll
3) 2 words: Witching Hour
4) Higher DPS Skorn with LS
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