Diablo® III

looking for buddies to power level with.

some of you may know of this route. founded by alkaizer you get aprox. 10mil of exp every run. i've found it very effective, but doing repeated runs on my own is getting boring.

the route:
act 4 kill azmodan
1] start at the core of arret work you way back to the way point, if you're starting you'll be working toward azmodan
2] waypoint to tower of the damed lvl 1 circle your way back to the way point
3] off to arret core lvl 2 work you way to the end
4] tele to town, use way point to keeps lvl 1 go directly into keeps lvl 2. work your way through keeps 2 into keeps lvl 3.
5] off to the rakkis cross. work your way back to the field of slaughter and clear the fields.

this route used to take me 30-40 mins, now it takes me roughly 15-20 mins

im looking for others who would like to join me!
save me mrsjeemo#1273
note: plvl alkaizer route
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I do a different route and for the first time calculated my xp yesterday.

1. Core arreat backwards
2. Lap of fields of slaughter
3. Keep 3 and work backwards since its smaller than keeps 2
4. then go directly to Keep 2 clear and then into Keep 1 just to use the way point
5. crater 1
6. lap around tower 1
7. crater 2
some times finish with stonefort in hope of getting a key.

Find that it took me just under 20 minutes and xp was 14 mil so it comes to 700k xp per minute. Pretty good but really want to hit that 1mil/per minute but i think this is the best I can do so far.
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sounds good, i am def. going to try it! thanks!
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I would drop sharpshooter for vengeance so you won't run out of hatred. Also companion go for bat since your using multishot.
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hey mrsjeemo, i am interested to form a team.. which MP are you playing?
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maybe I missed it above... what MP you runnin for this pleveling?

for me I typically do the entire Act III and get very good exp from it ahough I must confess I haven't calculated it how much per minute etc.

at Para60 now so takes me a little longer for each level (think right now it is 95m/lvl)

I typically use MP1 for para leveling. because it is so fast.

If you wanna para level I even MP1 I find it is "faster" to typically do it solo vs 2 party team or higher (unless you have enough dps to kill the extra HP the monsters have with 1-2 shots only each). I always enjoy the company myself when para leveling but from an effectiveness standpoint and to be efficient solo MP1 is the best to just crank through super fast using Tactical advantage to increase speed and spamming BL into mobs for fast AOE kills and bonus exp (max mob kill bonus for me so far is 97 monsters from killing/vaulting/killing/vaulting/killing. I'm sure soon I'll be up over 100 but so far 97 is my highest).

at 22% CC your CC seems a bit low and you count on SS to help you out. I don't know that I would have any expectation to run through MP1 with a group as fast as you can do it manually unless they are much higher DPS than you currently are... least that is how I'm seeing it.

Fastest paragon for most is MP1 and doing it solo so no extra health to deal with.
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You can add me if you want. I do a modified alkizer run. Around 30 min 14m XP
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try using ball lighting instead of multishot. for solo it works much better. i think group play at least one person should be using multishot and others ball lighting or whatever they want. use nightstalker, vengeance, and tactical advantage. you can use the bat but i've never ever ran out of hatred with ball lighting and pratically perma tumble with the other skills. i do MP1 and all kinds of different routes. it gets boring doing alkaiser over and over. i average 1mil per minute.
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sorry! i tend to forget to check the forums... i actually checked this periodically after i first posted and nobody responded so i forgot about it... :(

@foxx lol lately i have been messing around with my passive skills, i will definitely try that out! thank you for the advice! i've been looking for ways to tweak my dh so she's prefect! but i dont have enought money to get the gear that i want giving me the dps, crit damage and crit chance which is why sharpshooter has been working out for me.

@cbiskt go ahead an add me! i usually do it on mp0... i havent tried it on anything else simply because i am not sure if i can handle it on my own..... i am open to trying it on another mp if it will help me level faster!

@bubbagump lol you havent missed it i just check the forum -_- i am not a strong player when it comes to using my 1-4 keys... lol but i am slowly getting there, mp0 solo has been working out for me.

@blkdrgn i've aactually looked up different builds tried a bunch out, and when i tested out ball lighting it seems like my attack speed is too slow, so it didnt seem very effective for me, but when i get my atttack speed up i will probably give ball lighting another shot. and yes this route does get boring.. which is why i am looking for some team mates :p
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i try the route last night it was great
if u guys want farm togeher add me in game=D
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