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How much is my DH worth?

I haven't played her since mid 1.04. Barb's are simply more fun. I've thought about getting her a manticore, attack speed, and all resist, but again, barbs are simply more fun, and a better investment.

I think i want to sell my dh. how much is she worth minus gems? its so lame i spend like 100m on her back in the day and now im guessing she's worth like... 20m?

What do yall think?
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Personally .... don't think all that much.

Nat chest is OK... and probably the best piece on your gear with the vit on it.
Belt is OK.

Pants toward the low end.. boots toward the low end bow toward the low end.

Rare ring is OK... nat ring is lower end with the 8% asi ....

I dunno.... I'm probably not the best to price it all out but most money I think will come from the nat chest and probably the calamity as it has decent base CD and OS (even though the dps is kinda low).

I won't put a figure on it as the rest of ya gear like shoulders/bracers/quiver/hat I think are gonna be pretty inexpensive now a days if not unsellable when comparing it to items like vile-ward/lacuni or strongarm/DML ... perhaps you will get a lil sumfin for the quiver as it is max disc on it for those needing disc. Just not sure of the market for the rare quivers at this point.

I'm gonna think that perhaps 20m might be a lil on the high side ... but again .. price out the cloak and calamity as I believe those will be the 2 items worth the most.
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haha, thanks man- thats what i thought, 20m can't do a single thing for me on my barb... dang.

purchased all this gear back in 1.04 when legendaries weren't as common :( :( :( :(

anyone else have thoughts?
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OP I'd buy your inna's pants if you could offer me a very nice price..need some attack speed on my barb lol
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All of your gear is worth selling, but most of it is worth in the 100k-2M range. Like other poster said, your nats chest will fetch a decent price, and the legacy nats rings sell for quite a bit still even with low stats. I think 20M is on the low side, but it's been awhile since I've priced legacy gear. I would think your chest and ring together would be worth more than 20M.
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i don't remember if they are legacy or not how do you tell
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they aren't legacy .. they are new .... legacy = 4th set has +2 disc regen.. your nat gear has +20 disc for 4th piece bonus ... so you have new nat set.

Ring most likely won't fetch what Merlin is saying.
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Ha, lol, my bad. Didn't realize they were new nats. Yeah new nats rings with those stats don't go for much at all.... same with the chest.... should have noticed the names and the vit/life roll on the chest were too high for legacy.
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bah. making a dh was the worst idea ever.
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Haha Whats wrong with DH Token? I'm enjoying mine =P
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nothing is wrong with them i guess. I had run when i played her because of her insane dps output and when i created her back in 1.02, barbs were stuck on sword and board.

but now, it seems like damage output and ehp is VERY expensive to gear, and barbs in general, are just better right now.
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Yeah, on a guess your Calamity might be worth something, but probably not into the 20 mil range. I bought mine a little while back in the mid 20 range, and while I haven't priced another Calamity in a while, most item prices have gone down a little rather than up.

edit - And yeah...gearing DH is expensive. I'm still love to play mine, but I seriously need to start saving more to gear up more.
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