Diablo® III

Just bought the gamed—hello!

My advice:

disable your virus programs to have a chance at fighting the act 2 boss with no lag

run the game on a flashdrive to help with stuttering

roll a WW barb

dont spend any money on the RMAH the stuff you buy will likely be nerfed

annnnndddd finally get a return and pick up Xcom.

My advice:

Act 2 boss lags because of a sound error. It's a known bug and will be patched in 1.0.6.

The game runs fine on a mid range system. Make sure you have the latest video drivers.

Have fun coming up with a build that suits your play style. The initial difficulties are very easy which allows you to experiment with all the skills as you unlock them. Once you get to level 60, you should be quite familiar with the character class you're playing.

Don't spend money on the RMAH, you will find it much more rewarding to find your own loot.

and yeah, check out Xcom: Enemy Unknown at some point. It's good (and so is Diablo 3).
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Just bought the game with the drop in price. Looking forwarded to playing, having following the game a lot, I'd thought I would screw the negatives people seem to love talking about and just have fun with it and play it how I want. I enjoyed the "trial" up to the skeleton king and enjoy dungeon crawlers previously.

I was going to do torchlight but I just didn't like the art style. Diablo...I'm coming for you!


Welcome to D3. Game of the year bro. xDD
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My advice:

Ignore all advice and wing it.
Much more fun that way and you learn the mechanics of the game and you learn pretty much how to use every skill on your character instead of just specific builds.
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Play the game untill you beat inferno on MP0. youll get your money worth. Then move on.

Play a WW barb, its OP for gear required.
After that the game is a mindless time waste.
People that enjoy the game are casual gamers.
The end game is trash and non progressive.

If you wanna spout some smart comment and call me a hater, get 26k elite kills then talk.
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Welcome to Diablo III. :)

We have a very diverse and passionate community of Diablo III players, and two suggestions I'd have for you is to make sure you check out the [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/#forum3354995"]Diablo III Class forums[/url] for some excellent class advice from some of our veteran players, and the [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/7627092/"]Looking for Group forum[/url] if you're interested in grouping up with like-minded players.

Enjoy your stay in Sanctuary, and happy demon hunting!

Let me translate.
Class forums: for selling endgame things that people will call junk.
LFG forum: For doing ubers and nothing else.
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This game is very, very fun when it is fresh and you run through it all for the first time. Enjoy!

If you dont mind people helping you or giving you a free good item to help you out you can add me and i might pass some stuff I find onto you.

My main is DH and I enjoy trying mannnny different builds. Eventually i think my stash will be full of alt-build suits just for my DH.
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Thanks everyone!

To all those saying I should roll a Barb...I went DH because I really enjoy the kiting mechanic. Hopefully this makes it more challenging ;)

good call!! DH is great
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Uhhh for the record... I didn't delete that post^^^
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Welcome to the D3 community. I find it very frustrating at times, but all and all it's a solid title for the most part. I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to pm me with any DH questions you have.

Torqbow#1421 is my Battletag.

Also a bit of advice, stay away from the AH as much as possible, it will ruin the game for you if your spending more time flipping and buying than actually playing.
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Welcome! Feel free to add me if you're looking for someone to hunt with! Kalitus#1258
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Protip: HC = Act Five
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Welcome to the D3 Community - diverse is a good word for it, but it does have many wonderful people and players. Take your time, explore, and have fun. Don't rush into Hardcore, and find what you like.

I have a channel here:


where I feature a ton of Diablo 3 content that I know many viewers find useful, and I hope you do also. Cheers 0/
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C'mon CM dude. I'm not the typical complaining type but there's nothing but WTS threads in class forums. That's not gonna help a new player at all. Please clean up the class forums.
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11/27/2012 08:07 AMPosted by Lepkin
Roll a barb before its to late

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Welcome to the community, I hope you enjoy your time here :). Happy hunting.
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