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Rate the Witch Doctor Above You

There are a lot of these for Barbs and other characters. I am starting to really like my WD since they fixed pets and other skills. I can solo MP4 now and am no where near done gearing her.

Anyone else play the WD?
90 Gnome Priest
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10/10 for the off-hand XD
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100/10 for being a gnome
90 Tauren Druid
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-100 for you sir, int manticore for a DH :(
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101/10 for being a tauren!

11/27/2012 08:03 AMPosted by luoqi
6/10, OP u need a faster weapon like a set knife of mine, faster weapon will get your mojo/rings/ammy damage+ more powerfu

I'm going for a pet/acid cloud build so I was thinking IAS isn't as important as crit. Nice knife though. Socket would be disgusting.

Nice ammy!

Shaniqua you fly as !@#$
@ Anagram8

I'm jelly of your bracers. Even though I wouldn't use them... Still jelly.

9/10 - taking a point off for 2h. I dislike 2h WD's :P
Edited by PR4Y#1891 on 11/27/2012 9:34 AM PST
@ PR4Y

..damn son......
1/10 because you didnt spell doctor right, fool.
but 10/10 since im a lenient grader

4/10 dps is iffy, all res is way low, vit also low.

as for anyone grading me, I do swap between my life on kill wep for lower MP with a manaj cutter for LS in higher mp.
Edited by Word2yall#1338 on 11/27/2012 9:58 AM PST

4/10 dps is iffy, all res is way low, vit also low.

as for anyone grading me, I do swap between my life on kill wep for lower MP with a manaj cutter for LS in higher mp.

For the record... he's wearing a leorics and a terribly rolled hellfire... with real rings I'd give him another 30k dps, EASILY.

When I farm with leorics and hellfire I lose 23k dps, but my hellfire also at least has 25% crit damage, and 280 vita (235 plus gem).

However, I agree that his res is quite lacking.

My advice would be to definitely get rid of the Strongarm Bracers... most people that use those already have like 1200+ base vita, and they get Int/Vita as the random affix to get like 70 vita PLUS the 9% life. It's a HUGE eHP boost, but in your case not so much.

As far as the Tasker and Theo... just meh. I have no idea why people think these are so good. Attack speed isn't even that good for WD's, and you'd be much better off just getting rare gloves with 150+ int, 75+ vita, some res, and some crit.

Pants too. I used to farm with inna's because of the move speed... but honestly they aren't that good. If you are using a GI build with mass-mobility skills like Stalker + Chicken + Jaunt... you really won't miss the 12% move speed.

I'd get either a nice rolled blackthorne's pants or even rare pants with 160+ int / 160+ vita / res / armor / sockets.
Edited by PR4Y#1891 on 11/27/2012 10:16 AM PST
Still very low resist, cannot be fixed by 2 pieces, and very low vit.
Hi, I just started playing a couple of weeks ago. What can I fix?
11/27/2012 10:12 AMPosted by Word2yall
Still very low resist, cannot be fixed by 2 pieces, and very low vit.

Yes it can... if he replaces the bracers + gloves + pants that'd increase his base res by almost 200... bringing him up over 600 when you include int. Also he'd be getting like 60+ vita on bracers, 150+ vita on pants, and hopefully 25-50 more on the gloves.... that'd DEFINITELY bring him to a respectable res @ 600+ and vita @ 1k+

(i'll edit in a second with a rating for the dude above me @ Quizshow)


6/10 - get rid of the tal's amulet and helm.

Tals amulet is really only good when it has crit chance. Otherwise, you're sacrificing way too much potential (10) crit chance on a VERY important slot.

The tal's helm is also really unnecessary here. You have very little base mana stats (max mana + mana regen) so I'd either get a Visage of Guiya (with crit chance) or a Zuni helm (with crit chance).

If you get a Zuni helm, I'd strongly suggest getting a zuni ring (with crit chance) as well to complete the 4 piece zuni set. It's a GREAT set bonus and some people would argue it's required for higher MP + certain builds.
Edited by PR4Y#1891 on 11/27/2012 10:27 AM PST
I cant say two many bad things Pr4y One of the best i seen im weak comapred to that. If i used soul harvest though my dps would increase
@Word2yall, you're DPS is really nice, but your VIT is lower then mine... Don't even know how that's possible since I'm geared way less then you. And your armor is pathetic... Your DPS is good, but I feel that it's inflated from the IAS and your buffs. I don't think you're sitting at 140k unbuffed. 3/10. Classification actually has you beat in every single category except all res so I don't know why you gave him a 4. That's why you get a 3. If you weren't such a !%#!@**%, I'd give you a 6 maybe. And can someone else rate me besides the goon Word, because we all know he needs to retaliate lol.

@Quizshow, You're really geared for only starting a few weeks ago lol. You have me beat in every category except Armor lol. 6/10, you can swap out a few items to bump up that DPS. More CD. Nice Host!!
No love hear haha but i dont use pierce the veil or sh. And rocking the leroics for now.
@whiteboy your cc seems very very low and so is your hp, i have close to the same ra but i can get away with that because i have over double the hp and dps. so id give you something like a 5/10. you really need around 100k dps now with the low gear prices to break a 6/10
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