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Rate the Witch Doctor Above You

^ 6.5

for bears i suggest cc over ias
^ nice gear bt a little more vit would go a long way
@pwnmatt i wouldnt know where to start, it s a nice try but everything can be better concentrate on one item at the time, if you want to shoot fast aim for life on hit otherwize pass 100k dps with slow shooting aim life steal, high res and high armor are alwas the key .
@sweetlove not much to do bro, give me your weapon and that would give you some work to do lol !!
I would drop the Amulet SimonLand.

But for the rest of it not much space for improvement.

Maybe a bit more crit dmg could do you good, but then again on the amulet you can find - craft some good stuff.

Nice WD.
How am I looking?
@ Kingblackman


Your gear is at a nice starting point.

The build you use is kind of confusing but I am sure it works.

DPS/HP is a bit low. A decent WH would help out a lot.

6/10 great DPS but your defences are lacking IMO. You are running fairly low Armor and if it see correctly you only have 2 sources of all res so im guessing sub 500ar?

You need to work in more allres and higher armor values.

My lowest resist with this gear set up is 511. I also have a pox that I switch to for higher

mp/ubers putting my lowest resist around the 600 mark with 70k HP.

I am saving for a socketed cutter or I would be dumping my gf pieces in favor of more RA since

my gf is above cap now ><

Thanks for rating = )
I wouldn't mind some pointers, I can farm MP 5 reasonably well but I seriously have done zero research on WD skills or gear and just play with whatever skills seem best/whatever gear seems best

now for the guy above me, everything looks great, love the frog pickup radius myself as well, jealous of your dagger
can't say much else other than that it looks spot on to me, 10/10
Glemm not much to say about your equipment but your skills are odd. Why rain of toads when you have no loh or CC procs? Widdow maker spiders i think would suit you much better. esp with pierce the viel which given your poor mana regen i would not use myself.

I was skipped.
Thanks death, I am indeed leaving alot on the table, but taking a build that 95% of everyone else takes rubs me the wrong way.... I use grave on my mp0 runs, ... Max mana is to me < mana regen and I simply cant get every affix into every piece of gear... My helm and mojo are pretty stacked with secondaries like +% cc on acid cloud in the hat and +2% blind in the mojo.
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@Death Really nice WD more int and vit is your only goal, you have reallly nice stuff you are the only one who know what item to improve in those way !!
Been Lurking in this thread long enough :) where could I improve ?
6/10 mostly because of the skill set
Darts + Rot seems redundant. I would drop fierce loyalty for blood ritual. You could also swap out circle of life for Rush of essence and Manitou for Well of souls. Then drop darts for Soul harvest.

As for gear. Getting a better damage mojo and a weapon with a socket are the 2 biggest upgrades you could do for DPS, but start with getting a pox ring to complete the zuni bonus. As an acid cloud user of you get a mojo like mine, not only will it boost your spirit barrage damage but it also frees you up to get a CC+AC CC Vision of Giyua.
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Hi folks ..... How much, (if any), would I benefit from spending big nuggets on a comperable "Black" weapon?


decent gear, on your way to being good. Nice helm and ring, but some items are severely lacking (drop all that IAS!)

You would benefit a lot from a black weapon (or a weapon without AS)... you can work it out if you really want... calculate what proportion of your dmg is from poison on your knife, multiply this proportion by your total dmg and then multiply this by 7% (from boots) and that will be your increase... probably ~5-7k for a black weapon with the same DPS as yours.

I happen to have a very nice 1017 DPS black weapon with CD, intel and socket (no LS/LOH), let me know if you are interested :)

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VERY NICE!!!!! only thing i could think of for you is swaping a bit of CD for CC or just raising your CC 9/10 keep going
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