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Rate the Witch Doctor Above You

01/12/2013 02:16 PMPosted by KingBlackman
How am I looking?

01/15/2013 02:02 AMPosted by Rakimallah


you have me destroyed for DPS and survivability, but your boots [I know, set piece] kind of worry me as there ARE better ones from Zunimassa
@ andro. 1/10 for having such high life % with such low low vit. if you just dropped a bit of life % and picked up some vit you would gain so much HP.


Gear choice seems fine. Just better versions of what you already have.
10/10 trolllllllz
@take2- wish i had 500% cd 10/10


@memo 5/10 get a weapon with a socket and upgrade gems!
@dcbawden 9/10 you have a redic ammy, but I personally hate Skorn, regardless of what it does for the WD.
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Feeling lucky.

@JBGetSome 6/10
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Since your lame commenting on a diablo 3 forum with no WD you get a big fat 0!
Solid setup, but you could probably use more LoH, everything seems in order. 8/10.
@Supercash - Your Hellfire and your Weapon are pretty meh. But overall, not bad. 6/10

Ninja'd: @Beavercleava - I'd say 7/10.

Also - Actually, I do have a WD [As shown now]. It just defaulted to my WoW character for some reason.
Edited by xAntichrist#1827 on 1/15/2013 5:06 PM PST
@xAntichrist - You need more mana regen. You are going to run into trouble at higher MPs. Also you need some LoH. Dogs aren't enough. 6/10
@chrizzly 9/10 all around great WD.

You should switch splinters for bears and where bears was use rain dance or slam dance. Rain for mana regen if thats a problem for you and slam dance if your mana regen is alright and just cast at elite packs to clear more efficiently.

Upgrading your offhand would be a significant boost to dps and if you aim to play at higher mp levels, you'll want to keep the idea the string of skulls setup. I use it currently and the higher mp you go the more spells you can cast before running out of mana

For all intensive purpose your WD is fairly ranged and not bad, just some pricey upgrades..maybe some skill switch ups.


Not going to sit here and tell you to switch your skill tree because I know mine is always changing and plus, who knows when 1.07 comes out. Would like to see you raise that Crit Chance and possibly AR though. Good foundation for a WD, upgrades could get expensive from here on out though.
01/12/2013 02:16 PMPosted by KingBlackman
How am I looking?

Best name I've seen on a doctor!


Pretty close to perfect gearing/setup. I would probably switch out the strongarms for a decent pair of lacunis with int/cc and ar, vit or physical res. You only have 1 ias item so you should be able to maintain bears with 1 more. Very impressive.

(Ps. my farming gear is on so I'm not using life steal)
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