Diablo® III

Rate the Witch Doctor Above You

@Trefnwyd 10/10
BBAutoAim: jebus, you are not gonna die....you are an immortal!!!

@theStrobist - TaongBundok ^_^

Need more crit chance and intelligence..

Gears may need more upgrades unless this is your secondary set I am seeing on your WD.

@mistStep 6/10
As i'm a new WD (got tired of my barb), i haven't got enough experience to give a positive feedback for any of you (yet) So be nice! :)

I'm loving the WD. So much more fun than the barb. And effective on low Mp's aswell.

Will anyone tell me if i've bought some decent gear, and in the right direction ?

Also, thinking my lacuni could use some crit as the first thing to upgrade.

Thanks in advance! Here's my profile

@Wrannec 8/10
I think next upgrade should b socket manajuma :D, And yes, u r heading right direction

Thanks fo the feedback :) Hoping for a little jackpot-drop, so i can get both :P
@Invictus 10/10 nice WD man! Solid DPS and HP. I also like how your skill-set is not cookie-cutter.
@JBGetSome 7/10 life is kinda low really need to increase it. and if pvp change ur mojo to inprove ur dps and life
Windbow. 9/10 Not much I can say neary perfect 0 Dog build...
@blackjack sweet gear man nice cc and cd like the life id say 10/10 great dr mana could be a little better but your dmg is nice and your zuni ring and tal ammy are sweeet and all res is nice

@Death your gear is just as nice with high crit dmg and crit chance as well as a descent base dmg nice all res ,life and good mana and im liking that zuni ring this is sweet with cc cd and life regen good stuff man 10/10 as well
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After I saw BBAutoAim,
Toygar. You don't exist
got new weapon and added ring to complete set...still trying to get used to the skill changes

how bout now?

01/16/2013 12:16 PMPosted by Rakimallah
Toygar. You don't exist

Nice build, 8/10 maybe get a lifesteal sunkeeper w/socket?

I just recently started playing my wd again, hopefully i'm building him in the right direction.

Great gear, good cd/cc, decent resists. Those gloves you have are kickass.

@Raek Good gear interesting build just a bit low on the armor. 9/10
^ pretty nice. 7/10 perhaps

i got new gears :D
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