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Rate the Witch Doctor Above You

@pBeybq So jealous. 10/10

Very solid WD 8/10

I bet your gear was reasonably priced and got great end result!
Just picked up my WD again recently, I'm on a pretty low budget though.

@BarryBoy 10/10, you people and your crazy gear :P
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Still just picking him up, and being at 90k dps isn't to shabby! 8/10
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@diranux looking good 8/10 i like the mana some descent gear to bad no socket in manajumas
noticed u have hf ring and ruby in helm for exp nice..
9/10 Sajjad. Nice dps
@Death, nice all round WD (CC/CD/armor/AR/DPS/EHP). Type of build I'm working towards when I get a bit more gold. The only thing is lack of LS but I see you are using AC/LoH for that.

@GoPies- solid build and gear 9/10

I'm still only about two weeks into my career as a WD, but I'll give it a go:

You look to be pretty tricked out... 9/10. Maybe gem upgrades? LOL I'm a runspeed fan, so I would suggest Lacunis, but I know that's a personal choice for a lot of people. I would say look for a Skorn with LS, but with upcoming changes to Reflect Damage, perhaps not so much of an issue now.

I'm curious about how you find it going without the bonus from Zuni 4. For me, as soon as that mana regen kicked in, I was able to dish out a heck of a lot more.
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Certainly a unique build, several spells i don't see used very often. While it could be more efficient it definitely looks fun.

Great armor, great damage, but i would work on getting some more all res and vit(blackthorn pants?), or working on your zuni set to get some all res on your way to that invaluable mana regen.

Lol too slow, @Cynic


Great damage but your sorely in need of a bunch more armor all res and vit.

as far as your build goes with that much life steal toads isn't needed so your losing both dps and the benefits that gives to LS. The AC rune choice is a personal preference, i like acid rain personally but each to his own.

As soon as you get some more mitigation you can mix and match your passives to improve your regen and damage.
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7/10, no AR? How do u survive RD?


Pretty good, a bit low on armor, but a bit higher than average life can balance a little.
Also, your substats could use a boost. They are underrated and can actually be more effective than most realize.

7/10, no AR? How do u survive RD?

3200 armor, how do you survive RD :O lol

I have 560-600 AR with nearly 4200 armor and a buffer of 64k life that's topped off with 5.3% LS+roughly 800 LoH, all that combined means I don't even notice im fighting a RD pack unless i read the affix list.

Props on your thorough review lmao
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You do seem to have a lot of life steal and loh. With a 5.3% skorn, I'd probably look to drop some of the loh in place of more damage. Unity with cd instead of loh would do wonders for your damage. I'd also consider switching the strongarms for a good pair of lacunis with +5% cc. Doing this will reduce your life but increase damage. To compensate, I'd drop the radius on your chest and get an extra 150 vit (see my chest). 20 yards should still be plenty. All around a great build, and very good dps considering you don't have a single ias item.

Have no prob w/ RD btw. I am also carrying AR around 900+.
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Excellent WD, Great gear all around with good EHP.

Are you mainly farming lower MP? If not how are you sustaining life at higher MP? (Unless that weapon you're using is just to flex your DPS Epeen)

@Recount offensively you are there. Defensively I'd say just a bit more AR+Armor and you'll be all set . 9/10

9/10, solid combination of visage of giyua (near perfect) / Zunni SoS and also the mix of CC in your gloves and witching hour.
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