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Rate the Witch Doctor Above You

Appreciate the skip.

@Captainkevin, I can't see your profile.

You need tot clean your items up, and upgrade your gems.


My items are on my wizzy D:
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6/10 your WD has... almost no armor on o_o
ya i got a skip as well :P

^^ your missing a lot off cc which is hurting your dmg. i would start buy upgrading glove and ammy. 5/10 low dmg and ehp
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@Word2yall, you're DPS is really nice, but your VIT is lower then mine... Don't even know how that's possible since I'm geared way less then you. And your armor is pathetic... Your DPS is good, but I feel that it's inflated from the IAS and your buffs. I don't think you're sitting at 140k unbuffed. 3/10. Classification actually has you beat in every single category except all res so I don't know why you gave him a 4. That's why you get a 3. If you weren't such a !%#!@**%, I'd give you a 6 maybe. And can someone else rate me besides the goon Word, because we all know he needs to retaliate lol.

@Quizshow, You're really geared for only starting a few weeks ago lol. You have me beat in every category except Armor lol. 6/10, you can swap out a few items to bump up that DPS. More CD. Nice Host!!


Drop the strongarm bracers, get rings with crit chance and crit dmg. Buff the all res and vit. Sitting on the base for a solid build. A few pieces you can upgrade for less than a mill and see a substantial boost in dps and HP.

Go with a manajumas for life steal, or a rare equivalent.

As for me being a goon, I rated you and the other guy based on what I see. Nothing personal, just my opinion. I don't need to "retaliate" or downgrade you in anyway. This is a game, I am rating a toon, not a person. No need to throw insults into this.

I happen to have 4 or 5 sets of gear that I use for different farming, obviously with current gear, I was going for maximum dmg for speed running. If I am doing MP5+ or ubers on mp8-10 I change gear to tank gear with over 50k HP.
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Id have 100k with pierce viel and soul harvest. Just dont dig those skills. Thanks
@ 5/10PH HP's a bit low/no LOH/LS
@6/10Word if its a farm build use TOTD with GI
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@ 5/10PH HP's a bit low/no LOH/LS
@6/10Word if its a farm build use TOTD with GI

I find your build a bit weird. Does the 82 mana per second (without base) really allows you to run your build smoothly? I'd imagine you'd run into a lot of mana problems in higher mp, so I'm guessing that's a low-mid mp build (could be wrong).

+82 mana regen bonus is really nice though!

7.5/10 because it's the first time I see it ;o


Does anyone knows how much this is worth? :D
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MP isn't much of an issue at 5-6, don't really venture to much on 7+ unless its ubers and then its a different gear set/build. Bears for close ranged/stationary mobs, WOS for long range/mobile/reflect mobs, AC for proc rate/health/clearing fodder. If by some chance bears doesn't kill what I normally bear down. With ROE + BR I can cast WOS indefinitely. And that's a pretty sweet mojo I'd probably put it up without a BIN and a starting of 50mil +?
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8/10 jimbob but my rating doesnt mean much

I am a total tank and shopped wrong for gear. i do no dmg.
@ Jack, can't access your profile to rate your WD.
- 7/10 you need more CC and additional HP :)
Great roll on the hellfire, everything else looks pretty solid as well. Wish I could currently afford a decent socketed manajuma's myself. 8.5?
@Syndicate 8.5/10 Could definitely use some more all res.
Upgrade gems? The rest is pretty great. 9.5/10
@VaultLord 9/10 for not using Mastercard for gear progression.
So my WD didn't have any armor on him when i rated someone...

Let's start this thread back up!
Solid 8 out of 10 Hippopoplin. Good gear with room for some improvement. Little low on max mana in my opinion and I don't like that helm.
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