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Rate the Witch Doctor Above You

choobie nice wd , but i would suggest losing the visage to get a zuni helm for 4 parts zuni

10/10 ;) Love all your gear. Great choices all around. <3

Nice gear CC @41 must be nice :D 9/10 on your set up. Looks good. How do those gloves work for you?
@Jwhat.. nice gear. upgrades are going to get spendy now. very solid WD w/ good defenses and sustain! 8/10

edit* grrrr, gear updated with TotD as i was speed running, i usually use a Uhkap that raises dps by 10k and ZC cooldown on it
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Nice HP pool, I'd suggest going for a 1050+ black dmg knife with a socket/LS :) will give you a decent dps boost :) just my opinion on the knife, if you like the manajumas then keep with it ;)

Let me know what you guys think of my WD :) currently a work in progress :)
@party 8/10 better mojo/bit more armor but really solid over all
Your mana regen is outstanding. Your DPS is also very impressive, especially considering you aren't using PTV. I also love that you have lots of different CC elements as well. Overall just a very original and awesome build.

7.5/10- I would drop skorn for cer. knife with mana regen and a thing of the deep (just my personal preference). Then get a Zuni helm with cc. With a cer. knife and thing you should be able to use gruesome feast and keep plenty of mana even with a loss of mana from a new helm. Also a little bit of armor wouldn't hurt for higher MPs. Overall you are gearing the right stats. It is just going to take gold to get them higher.
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"Dirk you are a star... a great big star....."


You lack any Life steal or Life on hit making me wonder how you survive high mpl. You EHP and DPS are top notch (170k without ptv i presume.)
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solid understanding of game mechanics and gearing philosophy, it is so good that it is marvelous. Real DPS much higher than what is shown on character sheet. And crowd control on the side is helping stay alive better and add value to the team too.

Other than getting incremental upgrades on offhand/boots, there is nothing to change..
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Very nice WD with all those quality gems and LOH...nice items by the way especially the off hand. Maybe it would be better if you use other passive skills that could compliment that high pickup radius like grave injustice and gruesome feast.

@DanSkyWalker & @DirkLance519


Get a hellfire ring with cc :P
Vile ward with vit
Mempo with cc
Better Zunimassas marrow
Higher attack speed weapon and more dps

1000/10 lol

Get decent gems
Amulet with + critical damage
one of those godly rings with int cc cd and attack speed :P
Better pants
Better weapon
Boots with 12%+ mov speed

1000/10 lol

If I have to compare both.. DanSkyWalker > DirkLance519

Cheers.. :D
i dont know how to rate a HC wd hahaha guess 10/10?

Overall nice wd, 7/10, but i would get skorn with ls, also would change innas pants to standard yellow with armor/200vit/100+ int and sockets. Bracers... better go with 80all ress, shoulders can be better, everything else seems very good :)

Cannot comment on build tho, but i think its basic farming build with AC/RoT.

Im from EU servers, char :

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@ incubus

overall i like your gears, solid 8/10

i know its hard to have more cc with a skorn, but chd is easy to come by. only thing id suggest is 1k + vitality and a bit more chd, very nice wd brother! and id change out ptv for a mana passive
Edited by AaronKallDay#1659 on 12/19/2012 9:59 AM PST
@ Aaron, nice WD, how do you like the skorn? never tried it. You're pretty solid at life and damage. 9.5/10. Hard to find anything wrong.

I could use some advice, thanks.
@ kash

your close =) really you have great gears, simple upgrades such as your bracers need crit chance and your helm. feels like your focusing to much on magic find... focus on End game gears. bit more vitality maybe. how do you find your mana with your offhand and knife? i feel i need to use both br and sa to keep bears flying! i love the skorn, i rarely die cause bears are hitting from 600k to slightly over 1 million with 5.2% life steal, and with br and sa i have over 1100 hp regen and mana is never empty before i pop spirit walk and regen 75% of my mana, and tossing a couple spiders as i kite back a step or 2, my mana always around 50% with constant bears
@ Aaron

real solid stuff dude. Only thing I can see as a up would be a Tal Ammy with some extra %dmg since you have a black weapon that would give you a nice boost. Also I think vision quest would give you more mana regen while using the spider but I am probably wrong on that one.
@ higgins

thanks, yea ive been hunting for a nice new ammy, and a new hf ring wtih chd and cc. i basicly use br and sa for the 1k+ mana and the 1100 hp regen i have. it lets me spam bears for nearly 20 seconds then i just pop my spirit walk and throw a vase or 2 of spiders and im back to 100% mana

your wd is very nice, you obviously arleady know what to upgrade, your ammy needs crit, 35% is a bit low for using a knife and offhand. and a couple bigger gems and your laughing. i personly dont like gruesome feast, i think it should refresh the stacks instead of each globe only lasting 10 seconds. but i have no suggestions to change it to
@ Aaron yeah but I wont rep my ammy until I can get a tal rash with cc and roughly the same stats lol. I only use gruesome feast for low lvl mp farming and thats just for the extra dps so acid cloud will 1 shot almost everything
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