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Rate the Witch Doctor Above You


Cant really tell since cant see your profile.

Nemzzz, I am not big fan of AS seems more paper dps fluff, but I see the choice with splinters so it makes sense.

My current bracers are for "runs" they are not my DPS/Vit bracers


Excellent gear, high EHP and high INT for constant reliable damage.

I'd take MR over Max mana for your MCK tho. Work some average damage into your zuni ring.

More CC and CD for more paper dps, but I'm pretty sure you know the deal already.

Awesome WD overall.
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@recount 9/10 great chest, hard to tell though because of your cains set.
@Intensifyy we can't see your profile

Yea, I'm more of an old school style WD. I find it more or less difficult to transition to a newer, more potent WD builds we have now. And I'm running mp3 inferno with the build and doing pretty awesome.

I'd say, need an upgrade on your Hellfire Ring and your Amulet.
I'm guessing your resistance is around 600~ which is great but maybe need a bit of boost in armor, around 4000 would be ideal. 7/10.
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Help! I got skipped. Relatively new to the WD, but loving it. I feel like I am getting great bang for the buck with him (only 8 million to build). MP5 is quite easy already and MP6 is a good challenge. I'd love a quick rating and some feedback for next steps when funds allow.
Interesting mojo youve got there, and good dps for just 8 mil. You may have too much armor, makes more sense to balance it with all res. Also crit chance is much more beneficial than increase attack speed if you cant afford trifecta (on ammy/gloved in particular). Maybe give zuni set a look and make your next upgrade witching hour belt

Nice dmg I'd be happy if i could get to the 150-180 mark.
Do me plz - 0cd zombie dogs
thx :)
rate my WD?
Thor, Godlike

The title of the thread is "Rate the WD Above You" Not "Beg to be Rated"....

Thor 6/10
Your DPS is a bit low even for 0 dogs. I would look into your shoulders for more int, and trifecta on the gloves

Godlike. 6/10
Obviously you need a witching hour, a socket in your knife, higher vit chest. PTV and Bears do not generally mix well.

Arusic you were skipped. 6.5/10
Full zunni will help you alot with mana regen. You are low on ehp, i would look for a higher vit chest and maybe Innas pants.
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never done this before so it should be interesting.
@blackjack the only thing i can really tell you is to up your int a bit somehow. other then that, it seems your gearing is clearly very well picked.
i want your pants, your zuni ring, and your ammy.
over all i give you a 8/10 because your damage is great, your defenses are great as well, like i said before its the int thats a bit low. if it was higher, you would hit harder.
as far as spec goes, it seems you like having lots of mana with your passives. and i get why with acid cloud. i would suggest grave injustice instead of vision quest or spiritual attunement. both seem a bit overkill to me. but you are the one playing so i may be wrong.

u should use more all rest on ur WD.

dps wise is pretty good.

due to your WD name is "cutiepie"

10/10 for you.

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I gotta give you 9 out of 10, pretty damn nice, only thing I saw that looked a little low was resist, but for low/mid mp's I'm sure that thing flys :)
I'd give 8/10, you're on the right track, brother! Good build and equips.

Pretty good items overall, but bracers might need an upgrade. A prowlers with better stats without crit is still pretty cheap.

My wd profile as below, just finished building it yesterday and is unsure if I'm on the right track.

8/10 - Yer definitely on the right track. Only obvious thing besides incremental upgrades would be to get a vision with CC.

Your gear is about the same as mine.... We both need better weapons
@grizzled your stuff is awesome 9/10. The only thing I could think of would be to get zuni boots with resist all and you might be able to get trifecta gloves and amulet. But what you have now seems pretty awesome.
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nice wd overall, a few things i would try is changing up the build a bit, but thats easy enough to play around with. for gears, you have lots of % life, i like the idea, but 600 vitality is 60% of what you need to be at. id focus on high vit items, so you can take out thoes ugly purple sockets =) and your skorn is high dps, but your rocking life on hit? shouldnt rain of toads or acid cloud be used to maximize your proc of loh? life steal might be a good change in the future =)
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