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Rakkis Crossing Lag Spikes

Hey everyone,
I have a great computer, never any problems with anything else, run 70-110ms max, run on all max settings, same with WOW. I never get any stuttering, or any problems in general except something in the last few weeks.

In Rakkis Crossing, after you past the door to the cellar store, you head up some stairs to the next section and there is always a ton of fire and a ton of mobs. EVERY single time i get a huge lag spike once i start CM/WWing. Doesn't matter if I play single, or with group play, it just a huge lag spike and slows and I usually end up dieing. Second time, everything is fine.

Anyone else ever get this?
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all the time and I play my diablo on Alienware with the latest graphics card.
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yup those stairs are annoying, also the ones next to seige fight lag a fair bit too
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cool, as long as i'm not the only one.
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11/27/2012 01:11 PMPosted by Kieble
cool, as long as i'm not the only one.

You are not alone.

Crossfire Radeon HD 7970's
I7 990X
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I've stopped playing Rakkis Crossing in 1.05. Ever since the patch came out I've gotten massive lag in that area. Anyone who plays with me gets lag too. I have an i7 3770k with a radeon 7850 so I dont think it has anything to do with the user's hardware.

I run everything on max settings too. I havent tried that area with lower settings to see if it makes a difference though.
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Yep, since 1.05, I skip Rakkis because of FPS lag in multiple areas. I've tried settings on low, tweaks etc, nothing really helps.

GTX580 + I7-3500K here.
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Rakkis Crossing sometimes feels like Baal's room during 2nd wave.

This game is as badly optimized as you can get. It doesn't even scale well with hardware.
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Yeah, I get huge lag at Rakkis too when I run CM/WW.

I don't get anywhere near as much lag running through it on Archon.

i7-930 + GTX 660Ti here.
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This thread should be cross-posted in Technical Support. Hopefully a dev takes notice.
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11/27/2012 05:09 PMPosted by DomonKassui
This thread should be cross-posted in Technical Support. Hopefully a dev takes notice.


done, please post there.
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I'd be glad to have 100 ms ping.... my ping is hardly ever under 300 :(
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hmm i dont get any lag on rakkis with ~160ping but i run archon :)

got some nice archon gear for sale:
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Same here, extreme lag on rakkis and on COOP. I run with max settings with a HD7970 Card I52500k @ 4Ghz 16 GB RAM

Shouldn't happen !
Devs wake up !
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Gonna go out on a technical limb here...

Can we DEFINE lag?

Here's the thing.

Is there a problem with Rakki's Crossing? 100% Agreed.

But what I define as lag is going to yellow/red bar. Casting Storm Armor renders the movement without the action occurring (usually my Wiz will throw his fist in the air but nothing "happens"), pressing buttons does nothing, rubberbanding, etc.

This is not what I'm experiencing on Rakki's Crossing. What I'm experiencing, I would describe as a massive frame rate reduction. It's effect is 100% identical to lag, (death, monster goes from X position to Y position with no visual, for example) but I stay "green bar" the whole time. It completely goes away when enemies are dead...but with traditional lag spikes, after the spike subsides, I will momentarily go "red bar". But that doesn't happen here. It stays Green Bar after the effect goes away...which as I stated, subsides significantly upon enemies no longer being on screen.
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Have u tried running the game from flash drive? i know its odd but it have been working for me..
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Turning down the sound channels to low (32) worked for me.
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