Right now I can buy a
~1050 DPS [Shenlong's Relentless Assault] with +50% weapon dmg, 263-575 lightning damage, +10% AS, 193 DEX, 881 LoH, and 12.6 life/spirit spent for ~2mil.
However, the [Shenlong's Fist of Legend]s available for about the same price have ~920 DPS, with not quite as good stats (ex. +40% weapon dmg, +7% AS, 250 LoH, 100 DEX) .
Is it worth it to buy the latter anyway for the set bonus of 130 DEX, more spirit regen, and a chance to fire a ball of pure energy, or would it be better to get a ~1050 DPS [The First of Az'Turrasq] with comparable stats to the better of the shenlongs.

Alternatively, I could either save up my money for better weapons (if you say this, please tell me what weapons would be better) or re-gear entirely to stack resistences more effectively, have more LoH, and more crit damage/chance.

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