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my profile is not updated yet (archon build + gear for paragon lvling)

i got 70% AS items, no mempo

42.5% CC
If you bump one of your rings up to 9 ias, you could afford to lose attack speed entirely on the other one while maintaining 2.74. your resists are pretty low too, probably easiest to find more on your jewelry or rasha chest.
@ryan Awesome gearing man, really jealous as a new wizard. I guess maybe if you got a tal's version of your same amulet that would help a bit but pricey. I need a lot of help with my wizard and have about 180m to spend so I'm looking for any advice I can get.
@SilentKiller either gems or get ias/cc/average damage on your rings .... if i remember correctly those kind of rings gave me more dps than when i had cc/cd/int rings
@Justice new Witching Hour, though you are geared to the teeth!
@ Silverarron

A multi-step fix: You have +77% IAS, and you only need 68%

That means you'll be 1% short of the 2.73 breakpoint if you switch out your inna's for jousting pants, which is what you should do. With your level of gear, you ought to figure out a way to run SNS instead of leaning on prismatic armor.

Step 1: Drop inna's for AR/armor Jousting pants
Step 2: Change wand for Socketed Chant's with 0.23 or better attack speed bonus

Alternate Step 2: Change bracers to Lacuni with AR/CC

You're in really good shape anyway, but this should get you closer to wrecking MP10 ubers. Your DPS is already plenty, you just need more armor, AR, and LoH to run SNS.
wow, long drought on this one.
@ Maysrill maybe a higher dps chant with the same stats.
@ Fizter

I don't know too much about wiz, but I would say Life Steal weapon to overcome reflect damage mobs.

Advice for this profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Anarchy-1886/hero/12959038

@xxxkan - looks like a chants force next man!

someone please tell me what you would upgrade next on me, ive hit a wall where upgrades seem to be far too expensive, maybe someone would have some cheaper upgrade ideas!
@V1powered-The only cheap upgrade i could think of is your bracer. you could get a pretty legit bracer for around 1-2mil.

Any advice for me??
@Torvol - I would suggest a Witching Hour next (90int/9ias/45cd). You might also consider getting a non-crit Mempo. Other than those, also look at some yellow gaunts with int/ar/ias/cc.
@Torvol you need more resists .. i cant give you a proper suggestion since your gear is almost for cm wiz but your build is archon
@Justice, Nice set up maybe a new ammy with some CHD or a nice Tals chest and swap for some Ice Climbers?
@ Contrition....not bad, maybe new bracers...some Lacuni's maybe?
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@ Contrition

nice gear - maybe you can get your LOH higher. How are things with higher MP level RD packs?

Can't figure out how you can get more LOH though without a major overhaul. Best thing I can think of is to try and get hig APS chant's, then get BP pants (so that you stay above 2.73 breakpoint).
@ Samulayo

don't want you to get skipped

Torn between saying get a higher APS chant's to get above breakpoint, or upgrade one of your low armor pieces to get +armor (I think you're sitting at 3800 right now)
@ Thunder
Your belt - without a doubt get yourself a Witching Hour for a huge dps boost.
@ Thunder
Your belt - without a doubt get yourself a Witching Hour for a huge dps boost.

Honestly not really sure.. your character puts all mine to shame. :P

I would get yourself a cheap black weapon or a butchers sickle, and a Trim for a big DPS boost.


Your gear is quite epic, only thing thing that is obvious is your lacunis. I'm sure you could get a better one than that. *Not that mine are better for having more CC, Im making the assumption that your quite rich, and thats where i'd go next
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