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I'm now a CM Wiz (again). What's next for me?
@DocDoom probably your zuni boots you can get one with 190+ int and +armor for a decent price .... or if you have enough gold get one with AR OR ... tal rasha chest with more vit (150+)

Thanks for skipping me


For a cheap upgrade I would get a Trim with at least 250 int with the same stats. They are not too expensive
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I think replacing your chest with a really nice Tal's chest would be an upgrade, even though you're losing the 130 int bonus (which could be gained through a nice Pox anyway) you'd be gaining 8-9% attack speed and the 3% bonus from the Tal's set. Probably quite expensive to find a Tal's chest that matches that marrow though!!
ver 3.0: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Layorn-2890/hero/21354647

You have 29 APoC, 56 CC and 1600 LoH. You could replace your Storm Crow for a CC Mempo, which would still leave you with 19 APoC, 54 CC and 1200 LoH while gaining 71+ AR, 90+ Int and 200+ Armor.

CD or LS on your Chantodos.

Higher Avg Dmg Source

Higher INT/VIT on your Tals Armor.
nat ring + boots for possible more crit?
next best upgrade for me?
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next best upgrade for me?

While I'm kind of new to this, I'd say you could upgrade your gems.
How about me? Running an SMS build trying to get above the next breakpoint.

My gear selection was all jacked-up. Now at least I know I need IAS.
Little bit of a 2 step here. I'd go for some boots with high AR that way you can go for gloves that have IAS. 8 more IAS will put you above the 2.5 beakpoint. Looking over it some more. I would recommend getting a lot more AR. Low APS like us needs more survivability since we can not get a complete freeze lock.


Thread says upgrade for the qiz above you. I know i'm not followin it exactly, but I'd rather make a suggestion for people who contributed to the thread.
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i need help i get 1 hit killed al the time how do i get better defense

Respect for saying that dude.

I would suggest upgrading your right ring. You can definitely squeeze some more crit and ias out of that thing.


Please see damcrac's advice to lagy and revan.
I understand that. I don't feel like I know the intricacies of builds and gear requirements to make a knowledgeable contribution. Until then I'll just lurk :)


That is all I have needed to get my guy where he is at now. Start there.

wizard too fit to change something..

may be critical damage on rings and amulet ?

id get some vit on that amulet.
Sugarblood: I'd work on getting better pants. Pretty sure Depth Diggers are BiS for pants right now.
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