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what is mh? also how do i increase vit on my build without hurting my dps??
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@Love changing your zuni chest would be able to increase your HP without touching your dps (or lower it by 1-3k) ... try getting one with 150+ vit and relatively the same int

EDIT also seeing as your not cm/ww build i would suggest picking up a tal rasha helm (should increase hp and dps) you might wanna trade in your depth diggers for some rare pants ( 80+ int 150+ vit all resist, 2 sockets) again that should keep your dps the same but gain more hp.. tal rasha ammy can roll 200+ int 100+ vit (non cc% ofc) for relatively cheap
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Thanks Justice!
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@ drdoom

id get a chans force with apoc and ias
Great gear. I assuming, all else being equal, your leoric's ring is just there for levelling purposes and you're hiding your real ring. If not, next thing prob a ring with APS/CC/CD/LOH. Shouldn't be too much :)
I'd say helm would be next, the stat rolls on that are kinda' low. Even lower end Mempo's (like mine) are often upgrades to higher end Storm Crows. Also, the Chantodo's set is cool, but the elemental damage from Triumvirate is insane, and may help cover the loss of the elemental damage from the helm.
@Vrael wow, that's a build I haven't seen in a long time...lol

Personally, I believe every set should have at least 1 piece with +pickup, simply because it greatly increases your farm speed and nets you more money. That Zuni chest can roll high Int, <100 Vit, Res All, Phys Res, in addition to +pickup (in other words, swapping out the useless Dex roll for +pickup).

Otherwise, I would say either get a better Witching Hour with higher IAS/CCD for more damage, or a better Andariel with more Int and less fire-damage taken.

EDIT: Your infatuation with Dex is interesting. Those Zuni boots could easily be high Int, high Vit, and +pickup. Or high Int, <100 Vit, Phys Res, and whatever other property you can find for less than 5mil.
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You look great, your resistances are way up there! The only thing that I would change is your weapon with something that has a higher attack speed and a socket for CD.
Pretty impressive toon, abb1. I might try to pick up a crit 6 Tal Rasha's helm with obnoxious armor and trade off that AR for 300 or 400 points of armor--I sold one just like that for not a ton of gold a couple of days ago.
nice ring um... nice shoes too cept maybe you culd get one with high int not dex
nice job all around good luck!

p.s. i don't know what i should upgrade my pants with x___x someone help!!!
I would get blackthornes pants for you
Zeus -

You could get a higher dmg Chantodo Force and get a good dps boost.

I would consider a good Andariel helm with low fire penalty and all resist. That would allow you to get rid of your lacuni and get a good high crit int vit ar armor bracer., while maintaining as and getting a lot of improvements.

Your build is coming along nicely.
Thanks for informative feedback
@QIpcquebec Nice HF :) (that 3% cc kinda jams ya up a tad, but trifecta is 1:100000). Anywho, everything that I can think to upgrade on your build seems to be stacking a huge chunk of Vit. So, it's either trade up the andy's helm for a mempo... or look for a ring w/ some Loh as it looks like you are a tad low in that dept, and I suspect to add loh on that ammy would be quite a bit more pricey.

I'm interested why you don't use OS chants though. Do you just prefer the next bp?
Jobewan, your gear is phenomenal. Great job.

P.S. I don't touch the Tyrion character anymore
Jobewan, your gear is phenomenal. Great job.

P.S. I don't touch the Tyrion character anymore

I would recommend touching yourself more often. Bummer you don't play too much more, tons of elite kills you probably made a ton of gold. I

'm just posting b/c Jobewan beat the game and Tyrion didn't want one. I'm looking for the best way to up my dps another 25k and EHP by a lot. I can spend up to probably 225M or so for a piece that could do both if that's possible.
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have 55million to get upgrades

Some Vile shoulders and a better Chants Wand.......
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