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Higher all resist on a pair of gloves.
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@ BDE man I don't known it gear is stellar. Aside from 6.0 lacunis...

Here's mine http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/DarkSayain-1799/hero/2844460

Gear looks great. Only thing I can think of is try to roll a Hellfire ring with CD, CC, good int and vit.

Sorry I didn't see your post below BDF's. Maybe Tal Rasha's Allegiance? (for IAS)
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@ ek. Definitely witching hour belt. Best in slot for an wiz. Get one with AR if u can but those are very pricey for decent stats.
As said, great wiz. LoH on ammy, maybe?
I would probably try and get some crit dmg increase and maybe buff your all res up a little.
@Shrillz Nice job with the dual APOC sources + Mempo combo, I would start working towards some increased IAS on your jewelry. Your lacuni and WH are both only 8%, but good pieces so I would look for trifecta jewelry or gloves.
@Mito, Maybe changing to a Mempo and upgrading gems? Looks good though.

I need some advice though, looking for dps increase without spending tons. Advice?
@csoda: Get a witching hour, they are quite cheap now. And if you your budget allows, get the one with AR and/or armor.

If you're looking for DPS increment, try the following.

Higher average damage zuni pox
Tal rasha amulet
Witching hour

My profile as below.
^maybe a new wand or a higher cc storm crow with 10 apoc.
^ lvl 3 barb is all I see but looking for real feedback for my poor wiz

I know my bracers can be replaced but ive been holding out for god knows how long trying to find lacuni bracers or rare bracers I can afford
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^ definitely lacunis.
perhaps weapon with some lifesteal.
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@QIpcquebec Nice HF :) (that 3% cc kinda jams ya up a tad, but trifecta is 1:100000). Anywho, everything that I can think to upgrade on your build seems to be stacking a huge chunk of Vit. So, it's either trade up the andy's helm for a mempo... or look for a ring w/ some Loh as it looks like you are a tad low in that dept, and I suspect to add loh on that ammy would be quite a bit more pricey.

I'm interested why you don't use OS chants though. Do you just prefer the next bp?

Jobewan - thanks for the feedback. I was using OS chants before and also had a lower dps as wand and I was just using the faster wand all the time. Locking is much better at 3+ with my ping so I sold both wands and got the 1215 dps as wand. Very happy with it. And at almost 150k dps now the dps loss really doesn't affect play, regardless if I'm doing sns, or this no windup meteor build aimless posted about which is really fun until MP6-7 for me.

Yeah, Mempo is the next really big upgrade... but a good one is 700M-1B and I can't stomach that... maybe when they go down to 400M.

I have been shopping for a ring to replace my trifecta hell fire and it's a @#$#@ to replace. It gives me so much dps, even with only 3%cc. I would need a ring with 8% as, 5cc, cd, a mix of int and avg dmg, and good loh. There are a few out there but they are crazy expensive.

In the mean time, I do have a good 5 cc storm crow on me that I switch in when I hit a really hard pack. Happens less and less with my armor and ar coming along nicely and high vit. Will be able to go without it altogether when I can find that awesome loh trifecta ring for cheap ;) Still trying to decide if I should change my chest or pants for ar versions. But it's give and take at that point and it's 200M a pop so not that tempting ;)
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Replace Saracen's seal with zuni pox, armor with zuni armor, boots with zuni boots, and weapon with black weapon. There you go.
@Balthazar Keep the boots and shoulders, replace everything else. Not sure of your bankroll, but you should be able to gain a lot of DPS cheaply in the ring and amulet department. Followed shortly by your weapon and source. Give up some hit points for damage while adding some life on hit or life steal and you will be more efficient.

To whoever comments on me, I have only 230 million gold, so don't suggest mempo+APoC source :)
@JackStraw Ehhh this is pretty hard :)
The only dmg upgrade you could get right now is an int-crit mempo and even then you<d lose quite a bit of survivability :/ your call
@Ghassen Keep working on that hell ring!

Tough to say, you have all the basics covered. Now you'd just be getting better versions of what you have. I would recommend looking at TR amulets as you'll probably get the best DPS returns on one of those
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