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@Blazers that's a really tough call, I'd probably say your socketed rare ring. Although it has really good damage mitigation, it's dps is on the lower side. It seems like the cheapest upgrade to me at least.

@ Ghassen a socketed andy's with lower fire damage should be under a million, I got mine for around 750k.
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@ Blazers not really sure you have pretty good gear all around

AR Inna's pants!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, they are SOOOOOOO much better than INT pants. Or even Vit ones (which are way more expensive due to being more useful to barbs/monks etc)
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@Alesso, decent gear so i guess either more crit chance on the lacuni or resist all on the vile wards
@yurok84, I would have to say your helm or hellfire ring would be your next upgrade. Helm isn't bad though, as i see what your going for (MF and High Int)
@lordnikon, your all res seems pretty low, but I'm going to assume it's cuz you're maxing out gf and mf. Someone do me!!!
AS is high.
CC is good.
All res is good.
Armor is not as high as it could be though.

A pair of Vile Wards.

Solid wizzy, hard to say, but I think your next upgrade would probably be a higher end Chantodo's Will or Force.
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Not much to add to either of your toons.
The only `affordable`upgrade I can think of is perhaps adding one of the new 110% Marquise Emeralds in your weapons

Get Nat ring with int/higher cc

Your gear is incredible!
If there is even one piece of item you might upgrade, I'd say it's your ammy. I saw a Blackthorn ammy that had CD on it as well. Maybe that might be a good replacement?
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@ anku

I would start with better boots - I think you need more all resist for survivability. Fire walkers or Ice climbers with AR. If you are planning to build like every other CM, then save up for Natalya's boots.
I know my gear sucks, and yours is pretty good. Could you get a better ring than union defense ring? Maybe with more int, dmg, or all resist? I know how expensive that would be.

I'm really struggling to get into MP3. I need help and I don't have that much gold ~6 mil. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You have almost no life regen/steal/on hit. I'd probably start with a wand that had life steal, and maybe a Vile Ward, or a Set that had life on hit like Blackthorne's or something.

Ditch the Skorn and get a Black Damage weapon + Triumvirate.

Ditch the Skorn and get a Black Damage weapon + Triumvirate.

Very nice gear, gratz !

I think you can replace your Armor Inna by Int/Vit Inna, more DPS for you. As Archon I don't think Armor Inna is that necessary tbh.
@novice superb gear. way out of my league. i honestly have no idea what to suggest for upgrades.

maybe the next person can have suggestions for both of us
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I am in no place to judge next upgrades but would love to know what is best for me, Sorry@thunder and @novice but I just came back and am hurting!

Would help if you could tell us what type of Wizard you are trying to build.
CM, Archon, Blizzard/Hydra, etc?

This affects what upgrades you will need

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