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i'd say a crit lacunis is needed, or inna's temperance, would give you a nice ms boost
@WildOne1973 - I"m not really sure what's happening with your gear. It's almost like you want to play Archon and SNS at the same time but don't have Archon as a skill. Definitely have decent AR and your Armour isn't too bad but you could easily upgrade your source. Triumvirate's are pretty cheap and getting one with intel and a high average damage is easy. The problem I see with that though is your vit is going to take a hit and at 29k it's tough. Otherwise go the CM route, even though you might not want to you'll get more out of your gear that way.

@KeyserSoze - Maybe some AS? Some gloves, new Tal's ammy etc. I'd go for it if I used Magic Missle.
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@JawnV chant - more dps, upgrade gems, int lacuni
What terrible suggestions. The chant's is .25/socket, upgrading that is seriously costly and time-consuming and belies an ignorance of my stated gearing goals. On the Lacuni side there's 3-4 slots that I can do better/cheaper upgrades.

Thanks to others with more cogent advice. I went back and checked, my old amulet was a 1.5mil pure DPS upgrade. New one cost me ~20k dps, but I can handle MP8 uber runs with a solid lock as the sole CM sans bubble :)
i recommend selling your lacunis and upgrading every single piece of your gear with the proceeds. those are amazing barb lacunis, they are worth more than the rest of your gear combined and they don't even have int. i assume you found them.

yeah thats what i thought too. I was like FFF yesssss a billion gold drop! but people in trade chat are snearing at me asking 200m. what you think they are worth?
Jawn is pretty set maybe that ring of his could be replaced.

What about me I'm new to wizard. thanks.

my dps is 102kdps and 20k life donno why is says 50 and 12.
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I don't see anything that won't cost hundreds of millions to upgrade. Maybe try and get 6CC Mempo or Lacunis or a weapon with LS and inherent CD or int plus socket. A higher CD WH is also a possibility.

Whoever rates me, I borrow my barb's LS sword when I play my wiz, so weapon isn't a priority.


Would you be willing to trade those Lacunis? I can use them for my DH.

I got a great pair of Ice Climbers that would be a huge improvement for you. 74 Dex, 178 int, 103 vit, 11% life, 75 AR, 12 Movement Speed, Socket. I'm willing to do a straight trade. I can throw in a pair of int bracers as well with 154 int, 70 AR, 6 Crit Chance.
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your weapon is the biggest upgrade you can make, get something with either lifesteal and crit/socket or just base crit+socket. after that, both of your rings can be improved a lot too. get crit chance/crit damage on your rare ring instead of attack speed, and try to get a cc zuni pox.
Seriously what would you need to upgrade for? :) I guess mempo, but not sure where you would put that LoH as just about every item is GG. Nice wiz man.
@JackKnife I would upgrade your gloves
my profile is not upgraded yet but let me know
@Talic probably your gloves, something maybe trifecta with high int or AR?
@ Contrition I would replace those bracers and ammy as soon as you can afford good upgrades
@Lilspark I would change out the armour or helmet first. probably go for tal rasha armour first
The armor is just for the looks ;) I do have a good tals but purple clashes with blue.

As for nats helm I like the 7% crit chance to much to ever not use it and a nats ring
what could i do besides a sc with cc and os...and lacunis cc?
@Neonblack, IMO, the best way to boost cc is get natalya's reflection (ring) + boots, that could easily give you 11-12 cc, it's like you get 2 max cc ring, or max cc ring +lacuni
@king edward

get some gloves with INT, but same stats. maybe lose the AR, and you can get 270INT cheap

I would consider getting the glove with crit chance as you are giving up upto 10% crit in that slot

Alternatively, the ring+helm combo gives you 7 crit, but you are missing out upto 6% crit chances.

You maybe better off with a non-natalya set, and go with 2 rares (helm+ring)

Your crit. chance is a little excessive. Might want to opt in for more CD. New chant wand would be the best next update.
@ kagnato

Never too much CC :p

For you I'd recommend dropping the lacunis. They ate inherently bad... But are pretty dam bad with no cc. That would help you out a bit since your cc is overall very low
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