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Yeah thanks for all the help aracknid. I am going to get an IK chest with 180+ vit once I sell some MS ice climbers :D. Also, diablo progress wasn't updated earlier, my EHP is 578k unbuffed. http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/xen0n-1667/xenon/28027018
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NP xen0n, btw I think any EHP over 700k is situationally excessive for double tornado unless you want to regularly run MP10, though if you feel like you want to stack more at that point then feel free.
I think the situations where you want more are far and few between. When they do present themselves they can be solved with solid and patient play.

I don't want to sound rude but I see a lot of sub-par legendaries which means there's a lot of small holes to fill.
These recommendations are based on the assumption that you want to be farming a higher MP while increasing dmg output aiming for a more balanced toon who isn't specialized in running lower MPs quickly.

Reduction on melee damage is really good but you need to get to 40k life first, and I'd recommend getting to 400 res all unbuffed.
If you need to, you can drop your armor to around 7k if you want as you make room for these other defensive stats, but make sure you are planning for the long term when you make a purchase.

You should run Bloodthirst to get to 6 LS since you're running without any on your weapons.

I'd recommend either AR or crit on Lacuni's, while maintaining atleast 90 str.

If you want to run EF OH I'd suggest upgrading to one with 0.24+ attacks/sec while maintaining the other stats on it as best you can, dps being the last priority(don't dip below 900).

I'm not really a fan of Skycutter, I'd recommend a mace/axe with 1k+ dps/60+ CD/OS.

There's other upgrades you have to make but I'm not well versed enough in current double tornado to give you recommendations I'd be 100% sure about.

GL =)
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@ arac: great barb, but belt and bracers (WH and Lacuni's w/ CC) are needed IMHO.

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Not sure what the next upgrade should be. I have 9mil right now. Im thinking weapon. Any suggestions?
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Like the gear... Pretty tough. I would say higher dps weapons, but I like the STR and convert health dmg. with the socket of course.....
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@RikHawk, this is an easy one! Get a chestplate with strength on it. A blackthornes surcoat will get you high vit, some str and 3 sockets
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I think you should get some movement speed in there and also your HFR isnt that good maybe you can swap it with one that has IAS, CC or CD and CC..
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@unholy lord
nice barb, very similar to my own, i would get a much higher dps main hand axe/mace, and aim for a mempo with crit
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Thanks man. Yup been planning on that for quite sometime now and saving a fortune for it too. lol.
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@chris nice one you got there. 9.5/10.

Is your 230k unbuffed or with battle rage?
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amazing life for your ww barb and very sexy build you got there 11/10 :)

**personal question : did berserker rage really make a good difference ? and without warcry are you still able to do mp10?
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very balanced build with decent dps n vita , might look for a nice ik gloves n helm since u are already on 3 parts
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@ leowlaw , ya my dps is with battle rage, i been debating getting a WH but im not sure i want to lose the ls from my belt yet.

and just so slayer does not get skipped.

@ slayer

10/10 find a nice replacement for that hellfire ring ;p
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and already have ik helm and ik glove but im using mempo for the attack speed and sage glove for the same thing attack speed +all resist otherwise i cant survive mp6-7 that why i need to find ik glove with attack speed +all resist but they are fu*#ing expansive for my budget :) . but maybe you can tell me what should i upgraded to be more consistant with 20 milion gold budget ?
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i just reply slayer sorry @Leejiah
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@wewor yes with 900k ehp I do not need war cry.

I prefer berserker rage cos it's easy to maintain full fury and wotb at high mp. My dps sheet with all buffs going can reach 490k with soj, and 588k without soj. And that Is around 99% of the time during my runs.
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wow nicee thank you! but for the moment i cant realy do that :D but it,s give me a goal to reach beside do you got eny suggestion about what should i change to get better ?
btw sorry for my poor english lol
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i think i got mine for about 2mln. gotta look for it in AH

thx king, i am looking into ways to improve my barb without spending too much.
Ya, replacing my bracer... tough decision.
I am the tanker in my friends group, thus i keep my defence high up.
i will think about it.

thx dude!
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Aww tank ? Damn I must be in the wrong forum lol
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