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You have a very solid build...first thing i'd do is dump that ruby out of the helm and switch it for an amethyst...if your hp is under 40k you're probably getting one shotted.

Next you might want to consider adding a little more crit chance...your crit dmg is SICK, but not doing a whole lot of good if it isn't getting a CHANCE to proc.

Consider changing your war cry rune to impunity, your all res is a bit low and with your hp under 40k you're getting smoked by E's that shouldn't be hurting you.

Keep in mind....Tornados supply life and fury...the faster they spin the more they hit....the higher the crit chance, the more crit hits you get.

Follow the link for a little more insight into atk spd and nado ticks...cheers.


For example, my offhand nados are giving me 30 ticks over 3 seconds...that's 10hits per second per offhand nado with WOTB going....to get that you must have a minimum of 2.86 aps on the offhand.
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@Bloodyzbub you have a lot of AR in places that you could be getting more damage. You need to use average damage more than you are because it increases damage by a ton.

My profile isn't updated, I have a 140 str, 180 vit IK chest and 51k health now.
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@Bllod Overall nice Barb I would seek to get the STR up as it is a primary I understand that you are seeking the AS way of WW but keep in mind that balance is also called for. The chest is not required and you would be able to do better.If you seek to stay with the loss of AS on the chest seek Inna's pants
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Waycooloz - nice gear (much better than mine). The only thing that surprises me is the Tough as Nails passive

Surely your running around in MP8-10?

I cant really suggest any real improvements, however I am impressed!
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Yep Can do MP10 easy Tough as Nails is really good had a tread on it awhile back and all the high end Barbs agreed that TaN was very good
P.S> get rid of your chest piece and get a IK one even a cheap one.
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@tyrennii- def more strength crit and cd. More ias would def be a bonus too. But your on the right track 6.5/10
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@tyrennii sorry forgot to mention you GOTTA get a new skorn with strenght!!! That would be my first upgrade lol
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@mojoe78...nice barb...next upgrade...maybe radiant gems
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@Waycooloz, nice barb there brother, sadly you're at the point where if you want more dps l, sustain and so on you'll need to break that ik set and get the BiS. I know its a pain the !@#, I'm right there will you too, nevertherless i'd give you a 10 and that armor, damn, you sir are a face tank. It's gonna cost me over 1.5 bil to swap 3 of my items, witching hour, ik gloves and ef with os and ls (high damage) :(

Posting delays sigh,
@silvia, wouldn't a ls skorn be better for you since you use seismic slam and rend, this way you do not have to upgrade the oh and mh of yours. Quite a lot of improvement needed mainly higher cc on amulet and rings but I can also see its a rather new barb, kudos to you for making it this far, 8/10.
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@phantom nice barb 9.5/10. Maybe get another lifesteal weapon so you can drop bloodthirsty for a dps passive like brawler or Beserker rage
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what should i upgrade
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12/04/2012 03:33 PMPosted by Leolaw82
@phantom nice barb 9.5/10. Maybe get another lifesteal weapon so you can drop bloodthirsty for a dps passive like brawler or Beserker rage

Yeah lol, saw a 3% ls, os, and 1200 dps EF for 900mil, I think I will buy that but I'll also have to replace my belt with a witching hour and gloves for a trifecta ik or ias/cc ik gloves with ar. Gonna cost a lot, so much for saving 1.7bil, Prolly gonna use it all on those 3 pieces.
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@Phantom very good barb. Can't really suggest much but maybe some more CC on your Lacunis unless you really really need that 60 extra all res.
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good barb, I would get another 12% MS
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@zosla.......ditch warcry....dont need it.........also up gems........7/10
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@RuThLeSS, not much I can say. Good DPS, good health, decent resists, good amount of lifesteal, etc

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@ Mr.Pink

Nice all round budget ww build, you fury generation might be an overkill, might try switch out animosity for defensive passive. Or if you're keeping that you might wanna try bash punish rune to get some extra dps for 5 secs.

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got skipped by Dekar, can't really rate him with his MF gear on and that pic he posted without any explanation on gear
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rate me, crit me, help me... would like to move into MP6-7 farming!
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