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MP 10 WW BARB (giving help/advice today)

Are you able to help me? How much do gold do you think I need to fix my Barb?
Hey there, mind taking a look at mine?
Just hit 60 with this Barb recently and had a fun time playing him in higher MP.
Right now I can take down elites as high as MP7, though some affix I find more difficult than others and had cause me a lot of deaths.
Right now MP4-5 feels about right, rarely any death.
What could my Barb improve on gear and skill wise?
Improve my barbarian plz
12/04/2012 10:30 AMPosted by KingBenjamin
Benjamin, you have a great barb, sincerely, but unless you are doing something wrong, you should be able to literally double your DPS from where it is at, and still have no problems keeping WotB up in MP10.

I think it might be down to play style, and i'll tell you why...

I enjoy doing all acts not just act 3 Alkizers...which means there are some areas that you almost need full Wotb up to travel to the next pack of mobs...the dps i have allowes me to regain full Wotb from 2-3 demons standing...ones i do i just frenzy them and run run run like the wind to the next pack of mobs. I can keep this up most of the time and when Wotb does drop the cool down has already passed and i can pop Wotb back up whenever i need it again.

buffed with Wotb i'm at 350k, (415k with full frenzy...which i make use of with elites).

so that's why now i'm just focusing in increasing ehp now. (hint...keeping pvp in mind)

That would probably be why then. Can only leap frog from a group of 2-3 mobs to another group of 2-3 mobs so many times before you lose it, lol.

Before I sold my mempo and jewels I was right around where you are at, 410 or 415k fully buffed with overpower rather than frenzy, and I had literally no problems doing act 3 runs, which is why I was curious.
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if you need EHP change out that shoulder, get a VW with 100+ vit

question for you
why do you use 5 piece IK instead of a crit mempo / ice climber ?

finally, what should I upgrade without costing me an arm / leg ?
I can get key on mp10, but cant do ubers
i suck at playing HOTA, i tried switching WW to HOTA, but i cant keep him alive
(profile stat is not accurate, i only have like 41k life)

About shoulders...no doubt they need upgrading.

I went IK set for two reasons, one, because the set bonuses and two, because of gold/dps/ehp maximizing. I believe that mempo and ice climbers are awesome and in a way they do allow for more build skill diversity. But i'm a WW diehard, so IK has been and will be my first choice.

To you now,

If your trying to do mp10 Ubbers you need top quality gear. No way around it. Right now you need to almost double your EHP and DPS to get there. mp10 ubbers are no joke and require max on both ends.

Your already got a solid barb though.

2 things you should get...

-add more AS. do this by either swapping your HF ring..which i doubt you really want to do that or (which i strongly recommend you do) upgrade your main hand, and release the MF. AND since you already have the Buthcer's Sickle, get an Echo Fury for main hand. especially your barb that benefits from AS you will see that badass barb just get insanely crazy. browse the AH for combos of STr, CD, LS, Vit, and ofcourse all with OS. 10% is the lowest in fear proc FYI. but maximize your gold for dps on that echo.

-second thing is, just in general getting your Str above 2.5k.
Thanks for doing this. I am a very poor Barb. Would love any suggestions:

I can currently do MP5 in act 1 with little issues.


Thanks again.
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you think frenzy is more effective than cleave? I can hit like three enemies and almost top of my fury. Just curious, i will try using rend lust, that works very well with Hota build, didnt think about ww. I use hota for ubers and ww for farming.

I could use a look at from an experienced player rather than push around ideas I've been reading about etc.

Weapon set-up is always in flux, as I don't know what's optimal for my current budget lvl (EF + fast OH, Mace + EF, etc)

otherwise just general upgrades to be more well rounded. I farm MP5 for fun, MP7 for keys, MP8 for Ubers.



edit: Unity or SoJ? (or SoJ + Unity? :P)
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Hello King,

I would really appreciate a critique pf my Barb. I would like to get to 100k+ dps unbuffed.
I really do like the WW build and would like to keep it if at all possible.

I do understand that I need to get more CC, CD. But, I am at a loss on what to change.

Should I try to get a Tyrael's Might chest piece? or go for the Blackthorne's ammy and pants set items?




Good barb man. EHP is solid. Hp is good good.

Your barb has it's own unique specs that are helping you.

There is a few things though that i think you can change.

-your Hellfire ring is not helping you much. AND this goes for all your jewelery...replace for with a mix of AvrDmg, Str, AS, CD, and CC. if it has Loh, Vit, or AR even better :)

Jewelery is key for dps boosters. no other gear other than weapons can offer the dps boost they offer. just keep that in mind.

-Your helm is awesome but that 15% extra fire dmg is a bit high. no need to go out now to upgrade but just make sure you do at some point.

-Last but no least I want to say that I like your weapons...the only thing i would change is having LS on at least one and base CD on both at some future time.

About the chest peice comtemplation. I would just go with IK chest. not tyreal's. Ik you will get the third bonus and better chance of getting better stats.

Pants are good for now. Blacthorns are good choice for upgrade. Ammy stick with what i mention before. there aren't really any legend ammys that Rare ammy's can offer.
Ok why not. If u could look at my barb aswell and let me know how I can improve. Thanks
Would love some advice from you bro. Currently I can for the most part do mp4 and 5 without much issue but still certain packs mess me up.

thanks again!!
I'll throw my hat into the ring... I'm certainly already MP10 capable.... I'm just sitting on the fence as to whether I should stay with 5 x ik? Or go the mempo/possible witching hour route? And have you tried a SOJ with Chill yet? The SOJ has easily been thee best upgrade I have ever made above all other gear, and the cheapest too.
Just looking for a little advice. I've gotten to the point where I'm not sure which piece of gear needs to upgraded next. I know my hellfire ring needs improvement since it doesn't have CD or IAS. I know my Lacuni's need some CC. Offhand needs a little work too!

What should be my priority? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
Ill throw myself into this as well. I'm pretty sure my biggest problem is my lack of str but we'll see =).

Hey King

I just started back in the game and on a limited budget, I havent begun doing any paragon leveling because I am having trouble in certain situations.

What do you think I should adjust on my skill set for a WW barb and if I should upgrade my gear (I am positive I need to but prices just seem off the charts lately) where should I start would be great.

Or any other advise you might have would be great!


Also my goal would be able to get set enough that I could play well along my cousin's witch doctor if possible.
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I need some advice with gear, im not sure what direction to go at the moment, so far I have pretty much just winged it to this point.

Im stuck around 96k damage at the moment.
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Could you tell me what I'd need to aim for to be able to run mp10 ?

I just got back in the game and can't wait for the day !

Things you need to aim for mp10 runs are:

Hp: 40k
Str: 2.5k
AS: 2.00%
CC: 30%
CD: 350%
AR: 500
Armor: 6k
LS, Loh, LR...mix
dps w/complete buff @ 200k

give or take those are good numbers to aim at for mp10.

I'll mention what you have good and what you should look to upgrade...

-Good skorn,
-awesome boots,

Ok, your ammy & skull grasp have stats that are holding you back. Loh, Vit, and AR are really important to have as you do on your ammy but first things that should be on your jewelery overall are AS, CC, CD, Str, and Avrg Dmg.

My rule of thump has always been to include CC in all my jewelery. THen I mix around the CD and AS.

But remember that Loh, Vit, and AR are important too so look for each item to has some of these on. that's what will make your item better than the rest of your options.

One more things...increase your Hp above 35k. this is priority.

solid build! welcome back to the jungle :)
I've been stuck on what to do with my barb for a while now. Building my dps while trying to keep my vit at a reasonable level has proven to be pretty difficult (and expensive) I'd really appreciate any insight as to what I should upgrade next or certain things I can tweak. Thanks!
I was thinking about starting a thread for advice so perfect timing that I saw yours and just posting here instead. So I recently sold my first 100m item, close to 90m gold right now and have never had more than 15m prior to this. What gear should I buy?

Last night I was considering getting an IK chest armor and belt for around 40m each but might price them for a few days to get the best stats. I don't think buying several lower priced items will help me and I'd rather not waste all my gold on 1 item.. but 2 is fine.
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Would love for you to see what my weakest pieces are. Also, what items you think I should swap out for others.
Thanks in advance!
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