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MP 10 WW BARB (giving help/advice today)

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12/04/2012 03:12 PMPosted by KEllER
see my post on 1st page pls King :)

ur next :) looking good so far. i'll post full review in a min.
I would be extremely grateful for any advice for my ww barb, i feel like my dps is a lot lower than what it should be, I currently farm mp5 without much trouble but would like to go higher. Its hard to decide which pieces of my gear needs the biggest upgrade.

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I could use a look at from an experienced player rather than push around ideas I've been reading about etc.

Weapon set-up is always in flux, as I don't know what's optimal for my current budget lvl (EF + fast OH, Mace + EF, etc)

otherwise just general upgrades to be more well rounded. I farm MP5 for fun, MP7 for keys, MP8 for Ubers.



edit: Unity or SoJ? (or SoJ + Unity? :P)

K you def got a well rounded barb. VERY well rounded.

What i like is the CC, CD, and AS. if anything bump CC above 35% or get it as close to 40%.

Good MS & LS.

About your weaons flux...i dont' see you going wrong with either choice even if i can't see that fast OH you mentioned. but i will say i like your current MACE set up. huge dps boost. i would amagine this setup give you more dps than your other setup...and also your AS is already above 2.00% so you may move up in tornado ticks with faster off-hand but with this set up i see more dps on single targets and we all know we like to single target here and there. So test both out...i throw my vote to the setup you got on.

About SoJ. K, first if that unity ring is significantly better than your hellfire ring then swap those and keep that SoJ on. Now if you have to pick between Unity and SoJ, I would go with Unity. but hard to say without seeing the stats. guessing it's a decent Unity though.

Overall i see that your rings are giving you a heck of a time. find something like this to settle it.

Avr dmg
Str around 80-100
AS - maybe instead CD
"CC" a must. above 4.5
AR bonus around 40ish
Vit bonus above 50
LoH bonus above 250

"bonus" means nice if you can find it with primary dps stats.

If you can find something like that for your rings would be huge bumps all over the place and no need for SoJ. SoJ just brings a lot of sacrafices. Not sure it's worth it. the fear proc is not big enough of a deal to use SoJ.
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Ty for doing this =)

I've got a very simple question so I hope this doesn't take up too much time.

If I were to make a switch to double tornado, what would be two reasonable weapons to get with a budget of around 50m?

I've got an axe with 935 dps, 150 combined str/vit, 60 CD, OS, would that be a serviceable MH or would it bottleneck my tdps?

I'd rather not go EF OH since I'd either need one with LS(too expensive for me) or I'd have to use LS passive.

i skipped others because specific question. so i'll stick to that.

The main hand axe you descriped is solid. has all the components that you would want. The only thing about it would be the low weapon range. given it's 935 dps i'm guessing it's about 400-900 range. but basically what you want is between 600-1k. but that is assuming your WW. ofcourse either way more dps is better but especially for WW.

EF pushes more dps because it's a fast Mace. you get that 10% from weapon master and increase in AS...that's why even if you get one without base CD it's still better than a lot of regular axe/mace with base cd, because of the AS increase. Try this, find a few on Ah and link it to text box and compare it to your current weapons. except your skorn :) ha.

hope that a helped.
It did tyvm! The fast response is very much appreciated =)
First off king I commend you for what your doing. Thats pretty cool to take time to help everyone out. I see it in the barb forums every day "please help" "whats next" "i dont get it" and i open them and no one responded. Like wtf..i help out as much as i can but im still pretty new as well. Anyways, i wouldnt mind getting some expert advice on my barb. I see a lot of people going different directs with boots being ice climbers, with main hand having high crit but lower dps..people with main hand high dps no crit...im kind of lost. Any help would be nice. Thanks man
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12/04/2012 11:31 AMPosted by GilZap
Ok why not. If u could look at my barb aswell and let me know how I can improve. Thanks

Guys/Gals, i'm gonig off for the day.

I will continue with -GilZap- tomorrow :)

good luck with looting...
King - well done for giving out all the help that you are giving. Congrats!

I'd love some advice too!

Things I'm working towards -getting the IK chest armor, but I'm down to 5 mil cash ATM. I just realized I'm using the wrong rune for bash, no idea why. I need a different Skorn, one with Strength, but I was given this one so I'm running with it ATM - I'd prefer to go to dual weapons as the Skorn just seems clunky and slow.

I'm currently doing MP4 easy, MP5 is challenging, haven't tried MP6.


Ahhh... looks like i got in too late today.....
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Just thought I'd ask since you are in a generous mood. My MH weapon is pretty darn bad and I'm looking for an upgrade if anyone has a spare ><
King - As many others have said, Thanks for providing all of this wonderful information for some of us who aren't sure which way to go with our Barbs.

I am in a similar situation in that I have been lucky to be gifted some gear and had some funds to upgrade some as well... but I'm not too sure where to go from here. I can currently solo mp4 reasonable well, mp5 being a stretch on some of the difficult packs. I would love some advice on what my next couple of upgrades should be. I think that my STR is a little low, but I would love your input. I will be farming towards a hellfire ring tonight until I get one. I currently have a 6mill budget that grows a little every night.

Once again, thank you for all of your advice. Even seeing the other posts you have made have helped me greatly.

What should I improve/upgrade? I am currently running mp5 act 3. Die sometimes but I never manage to keep my WotF going.


Thanks. Also I read "AS 2.00%". Does it mean attack speed 2%??
Hey man read through a few posts of barbs better than mine and gota say your advice is the most sound ive seen on the forums.. if ya get the chance to look me over I would love some advice.. I run mp 5 all day with limited deaths.. would love to know how to boost my dps a little(without spending 50m on an echo.. cant afford it at the moment).

Thanks in advance!
Hey KingBen,

I am getting back in to D3 with my Barb, need some help with better itemization I guess. Any help would be pretty awesome. :O Thanks!

ignore my skills.
currently im a hybrid throw/ww barb and struggle with mp5. i can barely handle mp4 (obviously mainly to my AR). i guess i need help figuring out what to upgrade first—which will be no easy task since i don't have much gold.
Hey KingBen,
Any advice you can give me for my barb? I'm looking to see what parts of my gear need upgrading next. Thanks.

Seem to have hit an 'upgrade wall' and the costs are in the hundreds of million for anything it seems. What should my priorities be for my gear? Thanks for taking the time.
I'd _really_ appreciate some feedback! I know my MH/OH don't have LS, but I can't afford a 350m mace with the ave damage I need, so anything besides weps I would LOVE advice on!!

Thanks bro!!

Seem to have hit an 'upgrade wall' and the costs are in the hundreds of million for anything it seems. What should my priorities be for my gear? Thanks for taking the time.

I feel ya, bro... personally, your VIT is really low, i see a couple ammys on the AH with really, really good VIT rolls + CC/CD so I'd go shopping. What MP do you comfortably farm and any death issues to report??
What should I address?

Note: that's not my actual MH in profile, i just use that while farming MP3 so I can keep WOTB up.

I was thinking my next upgrade would be replacing my Inna's with 190+ vit ones..
i highly doubt you're running mp10 with any sort of effectiveness
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