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MP 10 WW BARB (giving help/advice today)

Hey King

Just wanted to know how my EHP stands and what i should get it to for mp 10

Thanks in advance. :D
Don't know if you still got time but I'd love to know what to do with my WW barb next. Do you think my amulet is enough (or close to) endgame? Thanks!
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Hey King

Just wanted to know how my EHP stands and what i should get it to for mp 10

Thanks in advance. :D


effectiveness of health pool.

It's a score that diablo progress calculates to determine the effectiveness of your health pool. "effectiveness" as to how much dmg you can take before dying. For example someone with 50k hp but zero AR is going to dye quickly compare to some one with 25k Hp with 500 AR is going to last longer.

You can't just get EHP, you build up with various defensive stats.
Ok in that case think you can review my Character?
Hello there im doing quite fine in mp 1-3 but if i go any higher i die. got any guides which items should i buy next? maybe weapon?
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Hi KingBenjamin,

Been following this thread, I say you are definitely giving good insights and very proper way. Just one quick question for now, how do I know if my Barb last swing is offhand (I am having mace for MH and dagger for OH) thus I would like to have the APS for offhand for my tornado.


ok go to diablo progress if you haven't and check what is your AS.


They have a calculation that shows your current AS that you can use to measure your oveall AS and for tornado ticks.

See, in diabloprogress.com my AS is 1.99. But ingame my MH does 2.2 and OH is 1.8...(trying to remember from memory) so my biggest concern is that my Mh is over 2.00% ing game and that the diabloprogress.com AS calculation is as close to 2.00% or more. Currently i'm looking for AS in my ammy to get me over that hump.

In general daggers are one of the best OH's for WW. simply for the AS tornado ticks. So your already up on that. Swords are second best choice. But ofcourse that's just an observation given no stats.

Hope that helps...had to think a bit on this one. Definetly can get really complicated on AS and tornado ticks. I've seen really complicated threads explaining ticks and all. But from what i got from it is that you just want to be over 2.00% overall and from their on more is just better (no need to know exactly how much but know that you are doing real dmg after reaching 2.00%).
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please point me in the right direction, kind sir.
Thanks for the help Benjamin I'm sure lots of people appreciate it. I am looking to up my unbuffed damage to hopefully 120-140k while either retaining or increasing my EHP. My budget is around 30-40 million depending on sales, I've heard I need IK but which two set pieces, belt and boots will gimp both my damage and my health.

P.S. How well does the 5 piece immortal king set do for WOTB cause I have a ton of trouble keeping it up and I get really fury starved quite frequently especially on single target or small targets.
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12/05/2012 12:34 PMPosted by Jambi
please point me in the right direction, kind sir.

will do bud. will start reviewing from where i stopped. will get to you though.
I am currently doing MP7 for Keys and MP4-5 for grinding.

What do i need to upgrade for MP10 without dying too much?

what do you guys think of my barb? hes only ok, can do mp5 if i have freeze wiz but thats the max...
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Very kind of you to do this.

I would love some ideas on my setup to help progress into the higher mp levels 8+

EHP is good enough for mp10. any more and it would just give more breathing room.

But the reason you still won't be successful in mp5-10 is because of your current dps. Now, you might have the survivability but not enough dps to make it worth it.

So lets see....

-Get one more stat of LS

-upgrade your axe to Echo fury. by far the better choice if you want the higher dps. And this should get you over 2.00% APS.

-you OH is solid. upgrade only if new one gives you 5-10k more dps. or if you want that extra LS stat.

-Get CC on your Lacunis...shop for this. it will take time but keep an eye out for one and snip it.

-You MH ring is good BUT if you can upgrade for it to have CC & Avg dmg, and with either AS or CD. remember to link AH items to text box and compare how much dps you will gain and other stats.

start with those changes to get to your mp8+ barb.
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how much would i have to spend to change my gear from 2h to 2 1hs with decent ar to farm mp 4-5 i currently got 150m
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12/05/2012 01:01 PMPosted by Wowadin
how much would i have to spend to change my gear from 2h to 2 1hs with decent ar to farm mp 4-5 i currently got 150m

How much Gold?

I know the price ranges of the gears that I'm currently upgrading on my own barb but they are going to be much different from the price ranges you will be looking at.

If your budget is 150m I would start by getting one solid upgrade. Then build around that. I suggest not to spend more than 50m on that first upgrade. Then wait, use your new gear for a while...browes the AH and see what else you would like to get. then you will start to develop a good sense of how much the next upgrade is going to cost you and the quality. Once you develope this idea then keep checkiing AH for that "good bargain" item and take it. This is how i've done it. I found that if i rushed i normally later though I should have waited either for better item or for a cheaper price. AH is the flip side to this game so take the time to know your item values...

I hope i left you with some insightful way to develope that estimate.
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Hi King Ben. I'm a fresh level 60 barb and I wanted to know what are some upgrades I can get for my barb. I can solo mp4 as of now, but would like to progress. Could you take a look and let me know what I need? Thanks.
This is something we dont see every day. Really nice of you. Have a look at me gear, I know my str is really low, but I can´t find a good trade that´s worth to trade with the kind of gold I have (or could have selling something).

Anyway, if you can take a look and give short, mid and long term persepectives kkkkkk.

Many thanks mon!
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Hey KingB,

I would love some advise on how I can upgrade my DPS as well. I like to play WW/Rend and Variations of HoTA. I know i need to get a better amulet but I tend to lose so much HP that it's not worth it unless I upgrade something else at the same time.


Yeah normally when you upgrade a gear you almost have to upgrade two lol.

The way I've ended up with my barb was by planning a head and a plan that started with Inna's Pants to get the MS. At the time Lacunis was so rediculously expensive so I went with Inna's pants. But anyways, I made that plan and really outlined what I though each gear piece should have for minimum stats (did a ton of research and testing). This way I made sure that at some point I would not have to move around gears with every upgrade.

Your barb is pretty solid.

how to bump DPS

-APS is low. get it up to 2.00%

-Chuck your hellfire ring and upgrade to a Rare that has CC, "AS"-must, Avr Dmg, Str, and CD. with having AS as a must pick two more dps stats and pick one or two of Vit, AR, or LoH. That will be a balanced ring with DPS on the face of it. don't worry if you can't right now but this will give you an idea of what you need....keeping AS at the top of priority.

About ammy situation...

Yes that ammy has so much EHP juice it's hard to let go. Here's the solution i see:

Your echo could use an upgrade. this is what you can do.

Get an Echo with "high Vit and OS". if you can find it with CD or AS good (will be very difficult but though i mentioned it incase you can afford it but def not critical for overall). Get the highest dps given those stats and your limited budget.

Now you got play room for new dps ammy. same as rings but just try to get high CC and CD on it.
Hey king Benjamin was wondering if you could give me some advice on my current ww setup and my build.

I'm using a skorn but I feel maybe a dw setup may be better but not sure if I would need to change my armor as well if I did that.

Right now I can clear mp5 fairly easily.

I am also having a problem keeping my fury up maybe I just don't have enough?? Any help would be appreciated post back here or in game whichever you prefer thanks!

Hey guys this I may have gotten skipped earlier no biggie here is what I had written thx!
Kingbenjamin, could you look at my profile and see what what would be the next best upgrades? I am slightly confused on what to do next. I would like to get over the 2.00 AS mark but am at a loss.

Is the EF in my offhand pretty decent? MH good?

Thanks in advance man !
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Hi kingly,
have about 200 mill to up grade at the moment Was thinking of upgrading Belt to include VIT.
But then there's the ring or offhand upgrade option as well. I don't wanna break the IK set as I love it.
Ideas please

I think i'm a bit late on this one because I see the IK belt with VIt. Just wanna say NICE belt upgrade...(sorry i couldn't comment earlier).

Please let me know if you want further advice.
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