Diablo® III

Wizard Community most commonly used acronyms

Acronyms and Terminology

Weapon/Jewelry/Armors Affixes:
CC = Critical Hit Chance (%)
CD = Critical Hit Damage (%)
IAS = Increase Attack Speed (%)
APoC = Arcane Power on Crit
OS = Open Socket
LoH = Life on Hit
LS = Life Steal
MF = Magic Find
GF = Gold Find
MS = Movement Speed
SoJ = Stone of Jordan
WH = The Witching Hour
IC = Ice Climber
FW = Fire Walker
VW = Vile Ward
SG = Skull Grasp
AR = All Resistance (Resistance to all Elements)

CM/WW = Critical Mass / Wicked Wind (Energy Twister Skill – Wicked Wind Rune)
CM/SNS = Critical Mass / ShockNadoShards [(Storm Armor Skill – Shocking Aspect Rune) + (Energy Twister Skill as torNADO) + Diamond Skin Skill – Diamond Shards Rune)]
CM/SC = Critical Mass / Storm Chaser (Energy Twister Skill – Storm Chaser Rune)
CM/SS = Critical Mass / Sleet Storm (Ray of Frost Skill - Sleet Storm Rune)
CM/LL = Critical Mass / Living Lightning (Shock Pulse Skill - Living Lightning Rune)
CM = Critical Mass Passive Skill
CB = Cold Blooded Passive Skill
RoF = Ray of Frost Skill
DS = Diamond Skin Skill
FN = Frost Nova Skill
GC = Glass Cannon Passive Skill
WoF = Wave of Force Skill
CS = Crystal Shell Rune
FL = Forked Lightning Skill
EA = Energy Armor Skill
PA = Prismatic Armor Rune
FA = Force Armor Rune
ET = Energy Twister Skill
MW = Magic Weapon Skill
BM = Blood Magic Rune
FW = Force Weapon Rune
EB = Explosive Blast Skill
MI = Mirror Image Skill
MD = Mocking Demise Rune
MM = Magic Missile Skill
AO = Arcane Orb Skill

FoS = Fields of Slaughter
VotA = Vault of the Assassin

General Terms:
APS = Attack per Second
DPS = Damage per Second
DoT = Damage Over Time
AoE = Area of Effect
EHP = Effective Hit Points
eDPS = effective Damage per Second
LoS = Line of Sight
KW = Key Warden
MP = Monster Power (Options – Gameplay – MP)
GAH/AH =Gold Auction House/ Auction House
RMAH = Real Money Auction House
RD = Reflect Damage
IM = Infernal Machine
Trifecta = Gears with CC,CD, IAS

Cyber World Gaming Terms:
OP = Over Powered
OP in Thread = Original Poster
OP in Selling = Over Priced
GG = Good Game
GFG = Good F***ng Game
BIS = Best In Slot
Prolly = Probably
ISO = In Search Of
LF = Looking For
WTS = Want To Sell
WTB = Want To Buy
WTT = Want To Trade
BIN = Buy In Now
PC = Price Check
C/O = Current Offer
OBO = Or Best Offer
PvP = Player vs Player
PvE = Player vs Enemy
IMHO = In My Honest Opinion
IMO = In My Opinion
TBH = To Be Honest
ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing
LOL = Laughing Out Loud

Will edit for any corrections and suggestions
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this should probably go in the sticky thread

nice work op
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Thanks, got any idea how to define this?
proc =
tick =
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couple more to add

skills or runes
EA = energy armor
FA = force armor
MB = mistral breeze
SC = storm chaser
DS = diamond skin or, contextually, diamond shards
CS = crystal shell
SB = spectral blades
FN = frost nova
MI = mirror image
MD = mocking demise
MM = magic missile
LL = living lightning
PO = piecing orb
AO = arcane orb
SA = storm armor or, contextually, shocking aspect
CB = cold blooded
GC = glass cannon
WoF = the best wizard spell ever
xH = (insert rune here) hydra

general terms
DOT = damage over time
AOE = area of effect
eHP = effective hit points
eDPS = effective damage per second
LoS = line of sight
KW = key warden

FoS = fields of slaughter
VotA = vault of the assassin

SG = skull grasp
IC = ice climbers
FW = fire walkers
WH = the witching hour
VW = vile ward
SC = storm crow
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PPB - pinpoint barrier

Godly - average
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Godly - average

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I mean the word :3
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11/20/2012 09:58 AMPosted by Shelendil
Godly - average


Also, I believe PvE is usually player versus environment and, alternatively, PvM is used for player versus monster--this was widely used back in the D2 days.
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This is good, I had no idea what OP meant outside of a thread...

What does BIS stand for?
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This is good, I had no idea what OP meant outside of a thread...

What does BIS stand for?

Best in Slot

Refering to the best piece of gear than can be put into a gear slot, such as a helment, ring1, ring 2,...ect
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Thanks requested sticky
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updated. Thanks
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Godly - average


Is this "quit f***ing talking*?
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Godly - average


Is this "quit f***ing talking*?

Quoted For Truth

if you would like to have that word its better be S.TFU instead of QFT =p
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Thanks Changbooster, updated the acros
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Best thread on this forum
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What about
  • CPS (crits per sec)
  • HPS (hits per sec)
  • Apoc
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