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stats needed to do mp10 ubers for SNS

Did I make it, or...? Going by the requirements, I'm pretty sure I did.
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I would like to be considered for CST union:

From diabloprogress http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/amishlou-1197/Aurora/249107:

DPS Unbuffed: 169,305
EHP Unbuffed: 509,704
Life: 42,660
Resistance: 793
Armor: 5,150
Attacks per Second: 2.81
Critical Hit Chance: 57.50%
Life per Second: 465
Life on Hit: 1,183
Arcane Power on Crit: 20
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added some ppl, also please post ur time zones, otherwise u end up in the unknown timezone list

@kratho ur ehp seems to be borderline, ur chest or pants/ or gloves seem to be spots where u can add armor and ar, i've added u but please dont take on any mp10 solo carries until u boost ur ehp

also i like d3up.com, there is also d3rawr.com, i believe kieble made a good ehp/dps calculator (unyieldingvalor.com i think) and there are several other sites
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Thank you!

I'm US Mountain Time (MST).
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Add me for the EST

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I can do PST late evenings. (mou#1752)


I've been the lone wizard in multiple mp10 uber runs, both with good dps groups as well as groups that hit the SB enrage...
Edited by mou#1752 on 1/27/2013 1:36 AM PST
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So I guess I didn't make the cut (-____-)
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Don't know if this makes a difference, in placement, but I did manage to get my EHP over 500k (according to d3up): 500,374.4
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@V1Powered and mou, adding yall to my friends list need to test u guys in mp10
@valcrist this might be why i added u as well

@Crsisalie i add ppl to lists more or less in the order that they requested to be added to the union, tbh im not interested one bit in moving ppl around based on who i think has better stats, thats just too much work

tested v1 hes in mou and valchrist hopefully ill see yall on at some pt
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2.77 APS
54% CC
874 AR
1074 LOH
47k HP
181k DPS

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3.03 APS(non bubble)
62.5% CC(non follower bouns)
757 AR
5033 ARMOR(usin storm armor)
916 LOH
40k HP
142k DPS
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Is it just me or has the number of good SNS wizards shot up like 5000% over the last 2 months?
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01/30/2013 01:14 AMPosted by Alesso
Is it just me or has the number of good SNS wizards shot up like 5000% over the last 2 months?

yeah because we figured out how it works, so it's just a matter of Gold, and maybe some suggestions from the forums to make a good SNS Wiz. No longer blindly gear.
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I'll like to be added to the union please

Asian time zone
running SNS
unbuffed stats, w/o follower:
3.01 APS
60% CC
757 AR
4376 armor
1086 LOH
387 EHP
47k HP
107k DPS
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added some ppl to list
didnt accept one friend request since stats are posted in forum
to the other guy who i did accept a friend request, please posts ur stats in the forum
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Gonna troll the thread!

In surmountable proof that it was my idea to form this union!


Although steel executed the idea lol
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Please add me if i am qualified.

Run MP10 with SNS (SA, DS, Cold Snap, and TP with safe passage)

APS 3.09
DPS 100k
HP 45k
Armor 4.8k
AR 700
EHP ~ 360K
LOH 700
CC 54.5%
APoc 19

I am doing MP10 uber every night after 10PM CST US server.
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finally got around to updating the list a bit
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I meet requirements when I choose to gear up to make it.

But I'm a Republican so I hate Unions! Can I be a non paying union member?
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republicans named chopain pay quadruple union fees :)
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