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[BUG] "The hero's new clothes" achievement

"The hero's new clothes" achi is still bugged. Tried Butcher like 5 times already and still it's not being registered. Tries solo and multiplayer. Tried removing items in the battle and killing boss without any items at all all the way. Still not being registered.
I have quite few achi left in the game and it's really annoying that this achi still bugged. It was reported like ages ago...
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Same here. Reported ages ago with a couple of other bugged acihevements. Got Butcher and Belial but not Azmodan. It just won't tick. Haven't tried Diablo though.
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I tried Diablo as well - no luck there.
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I remember trying a few times.
taking everything off right before azmo kill = nothing
taking everything off before entering boss area, equiping gear during, then taking everything off right before azmo kill = nothing

is this bugged or is there some specific way to do it
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Dear, Blizzard!

I'm sick and tired of you ignoring my (and others) posts. Don't bother answering this one. I will not play the game anymore as well as other games made by your company. You can continue having as much bugs as you like in your games and don't give a damn about them nor your users. I just don't care anymore.. I have been neglected enough...

Blizzard, go to Hell!
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Killed Belial, Azmo and butcher multiple times - solo, party, nothing.
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This is how I got them (12/16/12):

Diablo: naked the whole time. I land at least one hit on him during the final phase; friend does the rest of the killing.
The other three: Solo. I have my gear on (NO reflect damage stats on gear). Follower does ALL of the damage to the boss. I do nothing to the boss at all. I remove the gear right before the end. The only exception is, you can play normally during Belial's first two phases.
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I confirm (December 25):
I just got The Butcher, Belial, Azmodan playing solo.
How? I removed all my gear right before entering the boss area and the follower did all the damage. I just put some sentries here and there (demon hunter).
Only exception: Belial. I removed all my gear right after phase two.
Proof: http://i.imgur.com/wZ2fp.jpg
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April 2013 and I think this one may still be bugged. Got Belial, Azmodan, and Diablo without any real problems. However, I've just killed the butcher 4 times naked and the achievement hasn't triggered. I did it twice wearing partial armor for the beginning of the fight then taking it off and twice going into the fight completely naked. None of the times ended up registering.
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It works perfectly fine. I completed achievement very recently. You have to zone in completely equipment free and stay completely equipment free the whole time. You must rely on your follower and or multiplayer friend to take the boss down to a tiny sliver where you can finish the boss off and get last hit. Easiest way is to use an enchantress fully decked out with a good Maximus (the demon summoned by the blade deals very good damage for hell difficulty).
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What's funny is that I didn't have to get the final hit in for Belial or Azmodan and I still got credit for it. My Enchantress did all the damage, including the final strike. Also, I zoned into both of those boss fights with partial armor and just removed it before the final hit Are the rules different for the Butcher, just like with Diablo? Otherwise, it doesn't make any sense.
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