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A true spectral blade build (w/ MP10 vid)

I dropped the chants and picked up a black weapon, oculus and a triumvirate. It really increased my kill rate for obvious reasons.

I've played around with frost hydra but it really doesn't have a high dps but it snares well. Arcane Dynamo increases the dps but it really sucks compared to blizzard.
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Black weapon + trium is a really good option - I picked up a cheap echoing fury & a triumvirate and they boosted my DPS by 3k. At low MPs, they worked better than my chants set. However, at high MPs, they were worse than chants set due to low AS. Its hard to find a black weapon comparable to chants in terms of AS & damage, not to mention the 7% elite damage reduction.

Blizzard is definitely a good choice and it is boosted by AD too! Both blizzard & hydra + AD can speed up low MP speed farming a lot - get 5 flashes then drop hydra or blizzard then teleport to next area ;)
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my main build is meteor but specrtal blade can gain a crapload of life since it hits 3x. if your crit is good enough your going to get a bunch of HP back.

I like it in close up situations with my skorn talkin like 180k per crit x3 hits
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I think you are really overlooking Frost Nova.

Frost Nova doesn't take up and attack turn and when used with Deep Freeze or Bone Chill, you can really increase your DPS while gaining huge amounts of crowd control and overall damage reduction.

I do really LOVE your use of Ice Armour: Frozen Storm and when used in Conjunction with Magic Weapon: Electrify, it becomes that much better. These two skill choices really make the Spectral Blade build work in my opinion. With just 2.10 APS and using Frost Nova: Deep Freeze to get my Critical Chance up over 50%, I refresh my skills very quickly. Its not an instant refresh but it is fast enough that I can Frost Nova/Diamond Skin/Explosive Blast every ~3 seconds or so.

I am debating about switching to a Chantodo set, but Chantodo wand would need an Open Socket or it doesnt work. The main benefit of this is obviously the increased attack speed and more attack speed = more life return. I currently have a %Cold Damage Tal' Ammy, but since the switch to Ice Armour: Frozen Storm, I no longer need that affix and I can search for an ammy to add more crit damage/attack speed/crit chance. Especially if I switch to a Chantodo set, then %Cold damage becomes much less beneficial for my overall dps.

I would really like to work Teleport in to this build but I really don't see where I can. I would have to get rid of either Frost Nova or Explosive Blast and at this current point in my gear, getting rid of either one of those would be a huge blow to my survivability and DPS.

Also, with only 500 LOH I cant get rid of Healing Blades, that is where most of my sustain comes from. Perhaps with a Skull Grasp and Blackthorne Pants for sustain and .5 higher attack speed I will be able to drop Healing Blades for Deep Cuts.

Does anyone know if Ice Armour: Frozen Storm benefits from higher attack speed like Wicked Wind does? Because that would be awesome. It definitely procs my Electrify.
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Frost Nova is actually not a bad choice, but it does take turn though. If you have high AS, you may not notice it as it is just a short delay between blades. One of the main reasons I don't use it is the proc rate of this build. With Deep Cuts + Frozen Storm and occasionally EB, we can proc pretty well in most situations, except against ~3 elite rangers that move a lot e.g. succubus, occultist or impaler... they move a lot and when there are only 2-3 left on the screen, frost nova becomes quite useless. As for cold damage, frozen storm is always up so we always have cold blooded activated and decent slow effect. That said, if FN works for you, thats great too! ;) The core of the build only requires some skills so everyone can customize the it to fit their styles.

If you want to use teleport while keeping EB & FN, you can drop DS, because you are using healing blades. Firstly, 5% can heal pretty well and it lowers the need for DS. Secondly, as healing blades procs much worse than deep cuts, DS can't be refreshed as quickly and therefore it is likely that you can't use it frequently - this is one reason I don't use it in second build but just try to push LS to the max to compensate it.

And you are right about LoH. You would need a lot of it or you have to use healing blades/blood magic. That's why I came up with the second build which is less dependent on CM as healing blades does not proc well. The survivability is boosted significantly though! However damage is lower - I miss deep cuts + electrify so much! Actually healing blades + electrify works fine for me in MP7, except some crazy affixes but I still have LS chants just in case.
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If you are getting rid of CM, then you may as well swap out EB for Sparkflint get a constant 12% damage. I haven't done the calculation (depends on your attack speed), but the extra 12% on all of your damage (especially if Frozen Storm tick rate scales with attack speed) may outweigh EB at a 6 second cooldown. And if you are using Healing Blades then it would give you more life return as well. And if you arent using CM, you can use Conflag which also means you are more or less taking 10% less damage overall while getting more life return.

At this point you can now keep two of three: DS / FN / Teleport.

Farming lower level where you can roll through, I would go with FN and Teleport.
Higher level where you actually have to fight, I would go with FN and DS. Teleport is still great but if you get in trouble, just FN and move out.

As I said though, I am reducing my cooldowns pretty quickly. Even if FN is taking an attack turn, it is keeping mobs moderatly frozen while I maintain +15% crit through each group. You are right though, it does become pretty useless towards the end of elite packs.

I dont feel that dropping DS is ever an option, it just adds so much survivability.

I guess the route you take also depends on what kind of life return you are using. If it is LOH, then dropping EB for Sparkflint wont give you any higher returns, but if you are using Healing Blades, then you will see higher life returns.
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Does anyone know if Ice Armour: Frozen Storm benefits from higher attack speed like Wicked Wind does? Because that would be awesome. It definitely procs my Electrify.

I tested by replacing chants with skorn & it seems to be independent of AS ;)
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12/07/2012 12:42 PMPosted by Rock
Does anyone know if Ice Armour: Frozen Storm benefits from higher attack speed like Wicked Wind does? Because that would be awesome. It definitely procs my Electrify.

I tested by replacing chants with skorn & it seems to be independent of AS ;)

Well that really blows.
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Off-topic: I just upgraded to Mempo and my wiz looks like a samurai using spectral blade lol


Another awesome pic with frozen storm!

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I use

spec blackes-healing blade
Meteor-meteor shower
Diamond skin-the first rune
frost nova-the last rune
strom armor-shocking aspect

this build works great. and lets me beat reflect damage fairly well.. i just cant spam meteor as often. I am trying to get to 2.5 attack speed. right now this build lets me play on MP5 with current gear
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Well, I'm back to using chants but I picked up a source that has SB damage buff and that has helped.

I also dropped ice armor and went back to shocking aspect--BIG dps increase and I went back to frost nova. I hated to do that because I really wanted to try and make this work without it but I had to have a way to control monster movement. I was dying to much without it. That was using 5K armor and 2000LoH and 800AR.

I can keep a group stuttered using deep cuts and frost nova so it's not bad but again I really wanted to make this build viable without it. Plus with frost nova I can control reflect damage groups and just nibble on them until they die. I offset the damage with LoH.

I also started using Comet which I find to be pretty good combined with cold blooded.

This build really comes alive around 3.00APS IMHO. I dropped the Jousting Mail and put on my Innas and was very surprised at how much easier this build comes together; I was on MP 6.

Here's a link to my setup: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/wildman-1626/hero/5752966
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what are the requirements for this build to work properly? ias/cc wise. thanks
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I was doing ok @ mp6 on 2.54IAS and 50%CC. But man once you hit the 3.0APS mark you can almost freeze stutter which I found funny.

I need to get a memo like Rock's but the COST!!! WTF! If I had Rock's money I'd burn my own...
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If you want to run the first build relying on deep cuts for procs, you should get as much AS & CC as you can. 2.5 AS + 50% CC like wildman mentioned would help you proc decently. If you want to run the second build that is quite independent of CM, AS & CC is not required to make it work, but you will need them for more damage.

Prices keep dropping so I can get a hand to that mempo, not cheap but not too expensive for me. If it was a month ago, I would not even think about it. It's cool to look like a samurai, right? :D All blade wiz should have a mempo!

I have been testing with skills and gears and blizzard as wildman suggested is really a cool one to replace hydra.

Thanks Eric for suggestion about SOJ. I got a 6%-30%-12% blade SOJ and it really out damages either of my rings against elites. With my current rings, I saw ~140k crit, but with SOJ it was up to ~160-180k! Now I always keep SOJ in my bag and swap it in for elites.
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Have you tried the 2nd build with healing blades? The idea is to gain more HP than what you lose. I would like to hear your feedback on that. Your armor & resist is a bit better than me, dps is a bit lower. The biggest difference is our HP - may be thats what make it working for me. I run it in MP7 and my survivability is noticeably better than deep cuts build. I run MP 7 with electrify instead of blood magic, and swap LS chants in for RD packs.
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I've tried HB but I really miss the proc rate of DC. I'd really like to add another 80K dps to my toon so i might stop fiddling with the build and work on that.
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I really like Wildman's build however I feel that Meteor interrupts the Bladin' too much but only starts to come alive as a possible damage dealer once you get to mp7+ and mobs take more than 1-2 seconds to kill.

Even with just 100k dps unbuffed I move though mp5 pretty quickly and only slow down at elites. Storm armour may do more damage than Frozen Storm but I LOVE Frozen Storm, it makes every mob I hit with EB take that extra 20% damage. It also definitely crits which triggers CM.

I am thinking of dropping my Tal's Ammy (which has cold damage on it) for a Blackthorne's ammy (since I have the cold damage I need), and then picking up Blackthorne pants gets get the 100 vit for more survivability on top of the ~900 LoH. Perhaps with that much LoH (combined with my StormCrow, I will be up to ~1200 LoH) I can drop Healing Blades for Deep Cuts and get some more DPS and Procs out of CM. The ultimate goal for head price is mempo, the dmg increase is just so great, and more attack speed means more life return.

I would also like to switch back to Chantodo set, but I would need a pretty good Chantodo Wand with an OS to make that switch.
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^ Completely agree with you man. Using blade with little or no interruption is the central idea and having frozen armor is just really cool and and what the armor contributes to the build is great e.g. damage, crowd control, mitigation, procing...

Blackthorne's ammy is a nice choice for deep cuts build. I can assure you that with 1200 LoH you can do pretty well at mp5. I would suggest you to try SOJ with elites. We already can kill whites quite fast, and SOJ can speed up elite killing remarkably. I saw a 6-30-10% blade yesterday for sale at 5.5 m :) If you have SOJ, you can think of dropping electrify for blood magic if you feel your LoH is not enough. Or you can also keep a LS weapon in your bag just in case.

As for damage, you can try dropping blur for conflagration to add another 10% as you have fire damage from trium or on chants set if you are getting them.

I just have one suggestion about the skills: 15% from deep freeze is nice but I think cold snap or bone chill is better, because if you are attacking more than 5 mobs, chances are you can proc pretty well already without it, and if there are less than 5 then it is useless. 3 sec reduction from cold snap or damage from bone chill is much better overall I think.

For me, I prefer mirror/duplicates for crowd control and I am running this variation: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#WQkXlS!egW!YZZaZa
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Dropped the gold on a Mempo last night, did a few test runs this morning and it's pretty awesome.

Meteor does interrupt. I use it to proc storm armor. So I can freeze, meteor, use blades, rinse and repeat. The liquify procs pretty well adding to more dos. It's a trade off really.

Rock and I did a short run on MP6 last night and his build and setup are solid. If I can bump my dps up a bit to around his I will try it.

@GratzDude - I have Blackthorne pants and ammy that I trade on and off while I play at high mp's, so it's a viable option. I really miss the dps on my Tals ammy though.
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For me, because my Critical Hit is still pretty low, Frost Nova: Deep Freeze is best for me right now. Once I can get some more Critical Hit and/or some more Attack Speed then I will switch to Bone Chill for the extra damage since my proc rate will be high enough.

I love the idea of Mirror Image and have given it a try a in the past. However I do not like the application of it. I cannot stand how when you activate Mirror Image it moves your character; for me, this is just too much of a disruption.


On another note...I wonder how this spec (below) would fare once you hit 3.0 aps. You would also have to be wearing a Storm Crow, Triumvirate, or Tal's Ammy with %Lightning Damage.
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