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Rate / Critique the DH above you [v. 7]

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Lol no joke

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Maybe get 333 more dexterity Glitz so its even. That and get 333333 Sheet DPS.

Not that you need it but do you have any LOH/LS?

My only critique would be that your Amulet only has 100% rolls on crit Chance and Crit Damage.
That and your Lacuni Prowlers have Crit Chance/Atk Speed/AR. Cant you just have a normal Lacuni Prowlers?

I assume you've thought of it, but you have 36% move speed, cant you get similar numbers on CC/AS/AR on Rare bracers plus a pick up radius for easier farming maybe?
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Rare bracers can't roll ias. At least not to my knowledge. Life steal? No I just spam gloom all the time using night stalker to restore disc.
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@ Glitz

Can't see your D3 profile to critique
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I got skipped by Hopz so I guess I will try again. Thx buddy.


You are on the right track with your DH, but there is room to improve. I really like your choice of passives, specifically how you avoid "crutch passives" like steady aim. However, your gear does not match your build. If your profile hasn't updated and is showing your farm spec or something, OK. If not, make sure the % to damage bonuses on your DML and chest match the skills you actively use.

You will need to continue to address your DPS. Keep working towards 200k unbuffed. A new manticore will really help here - take a peak at mine and try to save up for something like that. You should also consider upgrading your DML - get one with great stats or max discipline. You might consider a better Inna's Belt as well, one with all resistance as opposed to armor.

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Pretty nice DH so far. Your choice of 2x hand crossbows are holding back your DPS though. I recommend switching out your Danettas for a nice DML if you are addicted to the increased attack speed of Calamity. I gotta wonder why you use Hot Pursuit...first time I've seen that on anyone. Get rid of that nonsense for custom engineering, since you are using a trap build. Take bat companion instead of boar as well - the hatred regen you will get from DML + Bat works wonders with custom engineering builds.

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That's just my normal gear aswell. Only have 1 set. But manged to keep max MF with 128k dps with no SS. Just wondering where my next big improvement is at.
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Sorry Sephiroth,

Your DH is really beastly, one of the best I've seen. The only upgrade I could really think of would be a 2 socket manti and a dead man's legacy with more vit/dex. But even both of those are way better then mine. Your way ahead of me, so not really sure where else to go from there. lol

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@Hopz, nice hellfire ring. You got some decent rools on that. I would work on your boots, plenty of other options that include move speed. Also your chest armor, do you really need the extra disc? If not, look to swap for nats or another rare piece.

my profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/wheels617-1591/
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Thanks, that is about the 12th or 13th ring I just made lol. Do you think the extra disc is worth it for the chest and quiver? Also would you suggest nat boots and chest then? Only have about 30 mil saved up.
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Solid HF ring man! Never knew those existed.. lol...
You'd probably wanna try to get a nat's set to get at least the cc up...

But you are getting there... :)
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@Hopz, i would think nats chest and boots would be a great improvement for you. You would get 7% cc from set bonus and still keep your 12% move speed and also gain another socket on your armor. Your dml is fine for now, try just losing the extra disc on your armor first. If you decide your fine without it and can lose a little more then look for a dml with more ias, it tops at 20%, and cc, tops at 10%. Hope this helps.
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@wingfoot, I replied to hopz at the same time you did :) Your nats ring is drool worthy. You are very well built, I would think there exists a better belt somewhere out there for you, but very nice build.
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What about me! I don't have hundreds of millions of gold to spend but I prob could squeeze some upgrades that won't break the bank.
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@ Swiftdeathz
Really good dps. Not sure how your playstyle is, but you could use a little more Vit and AR. But if you are doing fine, then that's alright.

But TBH, if you decide to increas Vit and AR, there will be a trade off for your DPS.

Thanks man! Been looking for a belt but the only ones i find involve reducing AR and Vit for DPS. Witching hour would increase my DPS vastly but have not been able to find one where my HP does not drop radically.

ANd what's with the Evasive Fire skill? I was testing it out yesterday but it still remains. LOL
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Looking pretty tanky there but I'd suggest finding a Vile Ward with over 200 dex and a DML with more dex also. They seem like easy dps upgrades for you either at the cost of a bit of vit, or if you can afford it then maintaining same vit but more dex/dps.

*Note to whoever rates me, I refuse to not dual wield... I just think it looks way too badass and am able to do MP10 farming/ubers w/out too much trouble, so am waiting for a future buff lol.
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@Nitro...not much to upgrade there. Nice 2h setup
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9/10 really nice dh only upgrade left are trifecta gloves, ammy, ring, bis lacuni, and higher damage manticore all 1b+ upgrades :(
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@Death Pretty good DH. I'd try to get a better amulet. 9/10
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