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"Diablo 3 Stuttering Issues to be Resolved"

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Blizzard Blue Tracker (5/27):

I have good news for those of you affected specifically by the stuttering caused by hard drive read rates. Our engineers are hard at work on this issue and it should be fixed in an upcoming patch. At this time I can't promise which upcoming patch the fix will make it into, so please don't despair if a patch rolls out and the issue continues. We'll develop the fix, get it tested, and put it into a patch as quickly as we safely can.

I mention the "testing" part because as we've learned in the past, nothing is worse than rushing a fix that breaks something even worse in the process. If any of you are longtime WoW players you might recall an old PTR patch for Burning Crusade where we fixed the special attack of a monster in the Barrens. The reason that fix was memorable is that the same code change also broke the biggest boss fight (Illidan) that was in the game at the time! It's an extreme example, but it highlights why we have to thoroughly test our fixes before we push them to your computers. It's a good thing! :)

We absolutely hate it when people can't play our games properly, and we're doing our best to slay this particular dragon as quickly as can. Thank you again, and happy demon hunting to all.

This was posted 6 months ago. Can we get an update please? For me, the stuttering is actually worse than during release.
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I think they dont even looked into it yet. It's 6,5 months after release already and this issue isnt resolved. As ppl said "they already have your money".
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Thought I would post this fix on any threads that were about the stuttering issue becuase it was driving me absolutely insane!!! After trying everything I finally figured it out thanks to someone who posted something several months ago that turned on a lightbulb in my head...

His solution was this:

"I simply turned off real time protection on my anti virus software. (microsoft security essentials)."

Basically whenever the SDD or HDD was being accessed, real time protection was scanning them for viruses etc, and thus the game files were being accessed multiple times whilst they were trying to load in game.

Such a simple fix. Game is now 100% smooth with no stuttering at all.

I'm pretty sure this was my problem as well! I didn't have the exact same fix but basically I installed the game on my C:/ drive instead of my alternate internal E:/ drive I use for most Applications and now the stuttering is gone.

Wierd thing is I used to have it on that same drive and had no problems, all of a sudden when I come back to play again it was stuttering like crazy! So McAfee must have been trying to scan the files or something on the External hard drive as they were being accessed.

Regardless I re-intalled it on the C:/ drive and its fixed.
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