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I'm New To Diablo, Got Any Tips For A Newbie?

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save/make as much gold as possible on gear until you are lvl 60, everything > 60 is junk

to level fast get a helm with a socket and put ur highest grade ruby inside
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best tip i can give: have fun!

Know that this is a gear based game, and grinding will take time.

1 - 60 was a blast for me, 60 + (paragon) is a different experience, not bad, just different

also, make your own decisions instead of reading all the crap posted on forums about how flawed this and that is. Diablo 3 is a great game. Welcome to the forums :)
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Shoot and loot, shoot and loot.
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Play a Barb, since the real name of this game is Barblo.
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id say if you want to enjoy game.. farm..save and buy ..little by little..
if you want a good.easy start....5 bucks to battle net. buy golds...easy inferno farming right away
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Don't rush to Level 60.
When you get to 60, don't rush to Paragon 100.
It'll burn you out unless you have infinite reserves of patience.
Have fun, play around with different classes and builds until you find one you like.
When you get tired of that, experiment some more.
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hahaha i got a little evil word gonna say.

my answer: please quit it before you mad in this game.

of coz that is just for fun......well. good luck
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play a barb dude xD
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ya barb is overpowered lol!

but dude try to play not just 1 class, and even DH there're many build / gear setup

try out everything~

and Use only gears that give extra EXP!
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Once you reach level 40s, go the AH and get a strong reduced level requirement weapon. Your road to 60 wont be the same ever. Dont break the bank tho. Happy leveling
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I would suggest you play through normal, nightmare, and hell without using either AH to fully experience the game. I've been playing Hardcore mode lately and had a blast using the blacksmith to craft gear.

Some tips for gearing in the lower difficulties

Level up your Blacksmith and salvage all the useless blue and rare items you find. With the materials you get from salvaging, craft the highest lvl rare weapons available. Crafting a good weapon for the lower difficulties is very easy, crafting good armor is more difficult.

Edit: even though I said to not use the AH in the lower difficulties, I think that selling items that you find for other classes is a great way to add to your funds, as gold is in short supply when you just start out. You can sell armor that has main stat and vit on it for about 5000 gold (e.g., +20 strength +18 vit).

P.S. Softcore prices may be lower.

Edit: Boots and gloves can roll high dex; shoulders and belts can roll high strength; Helms and Gloves roll high int; I think pants can roll high vit. Don't overlook stacking the other stats such as strength and intelligence, especially intelligence as it is the only way to get all resist in the lower difficulties, which matters a lot in Hardcore. ;-)
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