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Add option to disable SCREEN SHAKING please !


08/12/2013 04:01 PMPosted by Seeders
So, it's our bad, and we want to fix it, but we'd prefer to correct the core of the problem (the way the shake effect works) rather than creating another toggle in the Options menu

Why do you people think this way? Just put a toggle there and everyone is happy. Toggles are great. There is no downside to a toggle except maybe developer laziness. Stop trying to make the options menu pretty, and just give me some god damn options...

(Even though this thread is really old)

It's not only their laziness, but it's literally, if THEY think it's not fun or THEY think it is going to clutter something, that's simply how it is. It took them ages to give more buff icons, but they still somehow think that 8 or whatever it is now, is clutter. It's pathetic. All they care about is the aesthetics of the game. GOTTA MAKE IT LOOK PRETTY! Can't make the game actually worth playing.
When you say that "the shake itself isn't so bad if the spell is cast on a target that's farther away" I would have to ask:
Do you have a problem with the screen shakes to begin with in order to know which type of share is more tolerable? Are you talking from experience or you're only guessing?

I personally do not, so if someone who suffers from symptoms as a result of the screen shake effect would be willing to prioritize which spells are the worst offenders (or list them according to severity) and why, I'd be happy to pass that information along.

So Diablo3 was designed and it's meant to be played in a manner that causes headaches, is that it? If that is the case -- you have succeeded, and not just because of the screen shakes.

No, not at all. Like I said before, the shake is much more prominent than we intended for certain play styles, and those play styles weren't something we really accounted for when we were designing all the spell FX.

Lylirra, thanks for turning your attention to this issue. I wanted to raise my hand and join the group of people that suffer from vertigo symptoms after playing Diablo 3. I am almost certain my symptoms are due to the screen shake from Fists of Thunder+Thunderclap. The longer my play session, the worse my dizzy feeling. I have tried turning down my graphics settings and flipping v-sync but it doesn't help. My attack speed is on the rise through gear upgrades, and the screen shake appears to be getting more violent.

Please pass the information in this thread along to the developers. I am all for the option to disable the screen shake. Turning off the screen shake instead of reducing the shake effect means I can play the game longer and feel better afterwards!

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