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What is Sheet DPS?

Could someone clarify? I am hearing this term thrown around a good bit and have not idea of what it is based on.
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It's the dps listed on your character sheet, in game. That DPS does not take in account your actual in game performance, which may leverage other skills/abilities that generate more damage (ie...hatred regen abilities/skills). A good way to calculate your real dps based on your particular build is to go fight against a boss and calculate based on the amount of HP they have with the time it takes for you to kill.
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I think 'sheet dps' refers to the number you see in your characters inventory for dps - for example mine is 122k if I'm not mistaken.

(I think that) the word 'sheet' is added in to refer to the fact that this number is not always reflective of how much damage you truly deal. For example, sharpshooter.

A much more meaningfull example is if you have super high damage but you die a lot. In this case I (and many others) consider it inaccurate to claim you have 200k dps, since you are dead a lot of the time. Or maybe you have to spend a lot of time kiting, during which you aren't dealing your full dps.

bottom line: damage is something your character does, not a number on your character screen. The two don't always agree.
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I'll give you an example with my set up. My sheet dps is what is displayed in my profile, which is 37.2k. My in game dps is 621% with the way my build uses fire-and-forget passive damage skills (Chakram - Shruiken, Chain of Torment x2, Jagged Spikes x5) on top of active damage skills (Grenades).

This translates to approximately 230k effective dps since I don't need to kite any content with my DH, so my dps has 100% uptime (much higher than my 37.2k sheet dps.)
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I guess what I don't understand is that how does the time you live have any baring on Damage Per Second? Unless you are dying every single second (which if you are you should probably find another game to play) it would never impact the Damage Per Second figure.

The only thing that impacts damage per second performance wise should be attacks that occur simultaneously. for example, Ball Lightening does damage per tick but when there are multiple bosses it will then arc dealing allot more damage. It is situational though. The point is attacks that happen where within 1 second x damage was done. Would this not be a truer measurement?

CM Wiz's have allot of simultaneous things going on so their per sec Damage should be fairly high (again depending on the number of monsters)

It sounds like people are taking a random sample time and eyeballing their damage then dividing it by the number of seconds in their sample time to come up with a figure. That is hardly scientific and far from accurate in either + or - direction. Because people will only take the highest crit value. There is no way to record all the hits that caused damage. It does however seem to provide some warm and fuzzies for people.

Being an engineer, this kind of peaked my curiosity a bit. Blizzard should provide a way to look at the DPS output per hit and reset every second. Then add the total up and show it to you. It can save the highest per sec number until it is surpassed. All hits in a given second are added together. That way you can see your true single target DPS and your multi target DPS.

Overall effectiveness is something that has to be measured and can not be determined by looking at DPS sheet stats or per second DPS measurements. This can only be measured over a longer period of time (like over 1 full 1 hour game session) and will vary based on play-style.

What do you guys think?
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It took me some hours playing around figuring out my own dps, but if you take your char sheet damage and multiply it by your skill % damage, thats pretty much youre dps out from full hatred to empty. Once you mix in hatred generators, it goes down about 30-35%, at least it did for me using rapid fire and spike trap.

You can do the math yourself. Take you char sheet damage, and multiply it by your skill damge % (2.75 for spike trap, not 275) and your attacks/sec, if you have + % damage to a skill, multiple that as well (1.12 for 12% spike trap)

My rapid fire dps is 775k and my spike trap is 737k. Keep in mine, that is single target. The 737k would be multipled by each enemey hit by the spike trap.
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sheet or paper dps refers to your dps if you were standing there and just shooting without the need to kite or taking deaths into account from bad skill / low ehp.

You can have 500k dps but if you die in 1 hit or have to run a lot to not die, you're not really dealing 500k dps.

There's another term you might have heard called effective dps. This is more like the up time in continuous dps relative to your sheet/paper dps and the skills your using.

ie. if you're using devouring arrow against a group of mobs - obviously that is a terrible skill choice vs spray of teeth or bola shot.

ie. if i'm doing 250k dps and can facetank on MP10 elites/ubers vs another DH with 500k dps who has to ballerina around 60% of the fight to not get 1 shot by Magdha's butterflies. Facetanking DH would have more effective dps.
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its made up garbage, just like most of the talk on here, your DPS takes everything into account and its the DPS you do.

Its a term made up so people sound like they know what they are talking about and believe that what they are spilling is some kind of magical hidden formula to how the game actually works.

DPS is just that damage per second so if you have 600k DPS one attack if you do just 1 per second which is in the more information tab you will do around 600k a little less and little more depending on the mob.

Crits come in as they are % based so one hit may be 1.5mil depending on stats.

people spouting rubbish that if you tank you do more and rubbish like this are fooling them selves, time is time damage is based of per second, so every second you attack you do that damage, if you can hold down the killing button (left mouse button or what ever is your attack button) with out interruption you will sustain that DPS.

This game is NOT complicated and there is no hidden crap that makes your damage better or worse, its all gear based and the 3 factors at the bottom of every item determine what will change, of course gear has specials and magic effects but if it doesn't make it +green in damage you are not going to do more.

Stop complicating and spreading garbage about sheet dps vs real dps there is no such thing. Play the game long enough and you will get great gear, my mage is nothing special but because i stacked toughness gear early on i only do about 600k dps but i can tank most things in torn 1 (everything below that is a cake walk).
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Nice necro. This thread is nearly 1.5 years old.
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04/20/2014 03:59 PMPosted by NRUFrost
there is no hidden crap that makes your damage better or worse, its all gear based and the 3 factors at the bottom of every item determine what will change, of course gear has specials and magic effects but if it doesn't make it +green in damage you are not going to do more.

I'm going to let you in on a magical secret formula that equates to more dps, that isn't shown in green on the tooltip, that could actually equate to more DpS even if the tooltip says its red!

It's a secret, so keep it safe. Okay here it is:

Real DpS = Sheet DpS * (1 + (Elemental Damage * 0.01))


Real DpS = Sheet DpS * (1 + (Specific Skill Bonus * 0.01))

The green tooltip at the bottom is a lie!!!!! (°o°) !!!

04/20/2014 04:02 PMPosted by VocaloidNyan
Nice necro. This thread is nearly 1.5 years old.

this too.

I really wonder how people even find these threads to necro :S Like how many pages back was this post in?
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I really wonder how people even find these threads to necro :S Like how many pages back was this post in?

Haha I think most likely people google something related to D3, like 'how to calculate sheet dps' or something, then it pops up links to threads that might be months old and they just read and reply.

Yep just tried it myself, links to 2013 and 2012 threads everywhere.
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LOL!! ;D
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06/16/2014 09:57 AMPosted by Kaidrea
LOL!! ;D

DUDE! The secret! >.<
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