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Helping barbs gear for FREE

EDIT: This service WILL TAKE TIME. i work full time so probably will not be able to take your request as quickly as i was before. I'm also not charging anymore because i wont be swamped now and will take my time going through requests and go at my own pace. Also i dont really need the gold.

So i see a lot of threads where people are confused about how to spend their money and what stats to look for when gearing etc. And not everyone can afford a fee for gearing services and budgets of over 100m+.

I started off by helping a few people on the forums who were looking for help. They had very small budgets. One person had a budget of 10mil. And then i realized i really really liked gearing people,making sets, sniping deals, and explaining to them how things work and why they should focus on some stats and not others.

A huge shout out to Dboy. He is amazing at gearing and has an amazing service. The link to his thread is here if any of you have big budgets and are looking for a very fast service:


And Ender also gears people tho hes taken a break i believe. His thread is a good place for ideas on budgets for specific builds as well as common gearing mistakes:


He charges for his services and that is completely, absolutely reasonable since he spends a considerable amount of time on gearing and has a lot of clients.

This is more of a personal service kinda thing where ill help you explain how things work, help you snipe deals etc. I've spent a considerable amount of time on these forums, reading various opinions, mechanics threads, etc. So i like to think i know what i'm doing.

before you WW barbs approach me however i would really like you to read this thread:


If you're thinking of going a weapon throw barb please read this before you come to me:


If you're thinking of going WW/WeaponThrow please read the guide above and then read this before you come to me. its a great guide on the hybrid WT/WW build:


and for those of you that have issues maintaining WOTB please read this thread it really is amazing:


I'm doing this because i find it fun and i thoroughly enjoy it. I am currently helping two people. But i think i should be done by tomorrow. Helping them also includes teaching them how to run the WW build, how to price their items so they sell, etc.
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Hey! could you help me? mi tag is Xzsh4dowzX#1287. I have a low budget but i would like some help :)
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sure just add me. im kinda busy atm but i can help you once i get done with some other peeps.
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Hey can u help me? I have 100mil budget to spend... Pls view my prof to see what i need to upgrade gear so i can survive mp6-7... Please thanks..
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evoflip u need to post with your D3 profile
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How do i do that? Lol im using my phone..
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There u go :)
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Inertia#1318... I don't have much to spend atm but I'm looking for nice dps upgrades.
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U mind helpign me upgrade? I have about 6.5M can u estimate what mp ill be able to do?
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Everyone whos requesting me to add them please don't do that. add me in game with a message saying "looking for advice/upgrade"
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Vouching for him. He was a gear genius. He upgraded my gear, doubled my dps, AND all within a budget! +1
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@blindshots sure i can help you!
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hmm interesteing. just came back from a big break so any help would be appreciated.. i spent some money this morning ....
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I just had Solid help me out, and i must say that his service is amazing especialy as it only costs you good spending of your own gold! I was farming just mp0 on the limit, but for 3.5 mil this guy made me comfortably manage 2-3! 10/10
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Hi SoLiDAlvi. Could u help me out? I currently have only 4 mil.
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thanks a bunch for the help! explained a lot and helped with upgrades... really seem to know what you are talking about.
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Vouching for OP- great guy, explains everything in details and go exactly for what you want in the best and cheapest way possible.

+1 and a little bump for you, kind sir.
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Could someone tell me what I should be looking to upgrade next? I have around 20m atm but can get more if neccessary :) I can handle MP 7 but am looking to be able to do MP 9, thanks
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I would love to get some advice on upgrades.

From what I can tell- I really need to upgrade my EHP, but don't want to lose dmg.

Would like to increase EHP up to 1 mil and dmg to 150k unbuffed, but only have about 100 mil to spend.

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Hey guys I need help on moving forward with my gear... I only have 3.5 million gold... just been farming on my own been away from d3 for awhile. Could you please advise me on which items I should look to upgrade to?

Thanks a ton!
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