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Helping barbs gear for FREE

Thanks a trillion for your help +1 vouch for this man. Extremely helpful!!
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sent request
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Huge vouch for this guy. He helped me out last night with my budget and improved my barb overall. Polite, courteous and definitely trustworthy. Even helped explain what to do for skills.
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Hello, i would like to get some advice too, add me please

Thanks =)
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thanks everyone for the vouches :) for everyone asking for help in this thread please add me in game! its easier to answer your questions there
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Huge vouch for TS! Helped me to double my damage output despite tight budget! Courteous and knows his stuff!
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very personal touch :) helped increase my dps by 30k with a 80m axe.. in the end i reached 330k dps in wotb mode

more could be done with my gears though.. long way to go
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Big vouch for Solidalvi! had a tight budget of 9 mil but sorted out my fragileness. He's legit!
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Need help!
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look and help me pls
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Please help me! even though you have so many requests LOL. I only have like 10 mil...
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just add you in game bro.
please accept the friend request.

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Glowing vouch for SoLiDAlvi!

After finding out what my goals were he raided the AH and geared me up within 20 minutes on a very tight budget. His approach was very analytical; he'd give me one or two pieces to put on, ask me the effect on APS, resistance, and critical hit chance, then find the next few pieces for me to try on. He even spent some of his own money helping me purchase gear.

Overall I'm very pleased with the result. Not only am I able to survive at a higher MP level, but now my gear has a clear direction and I know what I should be aiming for in future.

Thanks, SoLiDAlvi, you're a credit to this community.
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SoLiDAlvi, pls pm me when u r back, need discuss something with you in game
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Big vouch. Was great guy. Super fast. Never asked for gold - but directed me on a couple of purchases for improvement. Made a decent EHP increase and a dps increase of 11k in 2 purchases so up to 164k dps without enchantress.

Further, he made a purchase for me and gave it to me even though I couldn't pay him for an hour. So trustworthy doesnt' even begin to describe him.

Big vouch.
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Great guy to deal with. He doesn't just throw a bunch of gear in your face and leave, he takes the time to explain why each item was purchased so you know what to do in future upgrades. Also took the time to explain proper rotation and technique.

I feel like a guy on an infomercial, but he's fast, easy to deal with and you leave with a better overall understanding and direction of your Barb.
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Not sure what to upgrade on my barb

Advice would be appreciated :)
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It'd be amazing if you could help me too mate :D The logical progression maybe would be to buy a weapon, change gloves to IK, boots to Ice climbers, Chest to IK, then belt to witching hour. Add lacuni in somewhere but all of this is so expensive and i have 33 mil
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i could use some upgrade help plz hit me up thanks a ton
NavTheMan #1789
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Big vouch to SolidAlvi!

I gave him my budget of 137 mill and he helped me build a strong barb from scratch. Took the time to explain the reasons behind why a particular piece was purchased. After my set was complete, he took the time to explain to me how to WW.

I highly recommend SolidAlvi. Very polite and service was fast. If any of you are curious, check out my armory to see the set he created for me.
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