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Helping barbs gear for FREE

Any advice on the next big upgrades I should focus on?

Also, I'm looking at getting a litany of the undaunted to swap out for my hellfire when playing high MP levels, do you think it's worth it? I will keep about the same DPS, with a boost to EHP.
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Awesome to see another person helping the lower end budgets for free. This is how I started, and its great fun, and very personally rewarding. Every once and while its nice to give someone who really needs it a bit of free gear too. Be warned though, it will begin to consume ALL of your time if you don't set limits on how many people your willing to help a day.

Although I'm mostly taking a break from gearing I'd love to do a few builds with you if I've got some free time and your down.

My post has some decent info your people may be interested in (maybe a bit redundant but I think its well organized), they can just ignore the business half. I'll let you decide if you wanna link to it or not.

Best of luck, and bravo to you good sir.
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My budget is ~27 million. Let me know if you can help!
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100 Tauren Druid
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Thanks for help yesterday morning im the one that was making your eyes burn.
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90 Worgen Warrior
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Hey i have no idea on what to upgrade next. I only have 10 mil to spend. Thank you in advance.

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ive just made my barb lvl 60..gonna spend 250-300m on it but i have not much of a clue on how to build it..Aiming for a WW barb. Hoping you can help me,thanks ^^
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thanks everyone for the vouches :) for everyone asking for help in this thread please add me in game! its easier to answer your questions there

@Ender You are right it is very rewarding! But it took up so much of my time i really had to slow it down. PLus i have exams going on right now so ive taken a break. And sure ide totally like to work with you. If im busy i pass on people to Dboy. He does the same. We can figure sth out ive accepted your request :)

@Volt3x please add me in game ill be able to work with you as soon as my exams end which is tomorrow!
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Added you^^ its solida1vi?
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if u ever get the chance I would appreciate some upgrade advice
can do mp3 comfortably but not quick
budget 10mil
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Helped me with gearing.

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12/09/2012 03:32 AMPosted by V01t3x
Added you^^ its solida1vi?

its an L

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i shall be freee in 10 hours . OH YEAH
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hi... I would like to know how to increase my DAMAGE and i can solo act 5 ... I don't mind buying stuff bec. i have 3 million at the moment!

thank you and regards!

add me up if you like


regards :D
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Im basically stuck where I am.
Either Cleave/HOTA
or Throw/WW
both give me 105-106K dps unbuffed.
I've got 200K gold. :(

Next upgrades are way too expensive.
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90 Worgen Warrior
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SoLiDAlvi is great. Only took a few mins to help me change a few pieces of gear and me be able to farm MP 9 if needed. Provided good info.

Good guy
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Hi SoLiDalvi, added your battletag. Would really appreciate your help in gearing my barb, he's only 5 days old and I think I still need to learn a lot about gearing/playing a WWbarb... I've read the posts you linked in the original post, but still am not that good at it.

Edit: Here's another extremely happy (read: jumping up and down) barb SoLiDalvi has helped! He pointed loads of stuff that I didn't know, and helped me gear up pretty well with the limited budget I had. Definitely would vouch for him for Player of the Year!
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I read the thread you asked for posters to read and it was a bit helpful, however, before I start buying anything specific I would like for you to help me. Please take a look at my items in the link below and see what you think. I was thinking of selling everything besides the IK chest and rebuilding. Also, I want to dual wield instead of using a Skorn. I really plan on survivng MP9-10 and my budget will be around 220m. If I have anything left over I will gladly give you a tip for your excellent service to the community, I'm sure everyone appreciates it.


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90 Night Elf Rogue
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Hey, here is my char:


I am currently looking at getting a decently rolled tyrael's might chest and inna's legs for the 48% move speed total.

I am working with 1.2 mil right now, and to get this done i need to have more AR and vit from other sources. help would be appreciated
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Hi SoLiDAlvi,

I have been extensively reading and researching about WW build. I am really torn with options as I am not sure which one will optimized the gold I have.

IK belt and glove definitely need to change to higher core stat, I snipe those very cheap initially when I build this barb.

Should I go for IK helmet and try to complete the IK5? I never have WOTB up due to fury management. Or Mempo (without CC)? and stay with current BT 2 piece bonus? I would really love to have WOTB uptime more than 90% with new upgrade.

Can you suggest options of upgrade? My understanding is that EF on MH will boast OF APS but low fear EF and high dps is definitely out of my budget. High DPS mace is probably for me as MH. I saw many suggest EF offhand but wont dagger offhand provide higher speed?

I have around 100m-200m region to tweak but I hope to have advice how the set should look like. Thanks in advance.
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Solid vouch for SoLiDAlvi!!!!

From zero ww noob that can farm mp3 only, I can now twirl through mp5 without problem and can tank uber 5-7 :)

Thanks for taking time to check out my stuff, still have room for improvement for my gear as im saving up for the other advices of SoLiDAlvi :)

More power and Kudos!

And congrats on finishing your exam well :)
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