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Confirmed after hundreds of hours of playing

First, OP is only plvl 44 after 100s of hours is not efficient. But I don't know, maybe you got 10 lvls last night and profile is not updated yet.

Second, this 'confirmed best method' doesn't consider the repetitiveness of 1000 runs on mp0 against say, 850 runs on mp3.

Finally, mp 0 is the worst possible chances you can setup for yourself to get loot since higher levels have bonus item drops and of course bonus mf. Tho this is assuming you have progressed in gear to handle higher lvls.
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the difference in rewards and challenge make MP0-2 the best for everything except keys and organs and fun. This is my problem with the game lately, I don't have very much fun playing low monster power with the goal of doing a route over and over and over, but I also don't have fun getting far fewer drops than my friends who play on the lower mp settings.

Playing on MP6-7 is fun, but slow and otherwise far less rewarding. It shouldn't be this way.
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The problem with only comparing dps to monster health increase is that it overlooks travel time. Travel time is the overriding factor for low MP, and it remains constant as MP is increased. I can clear the majority of act 3 on MP1 in 20 minutes. I can clear the same amount on MP5 in 26 minutes. It's certainly worth taking 30% longer to get 50% more items with 25% more magic find. What MP is most efficient is going to depend on the individual.
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If only the most efficient way of playing was also the most fun.

I wouldn't play SC2 on easy difficulty for hundreds of hours.
I don't plan to do the same with Diablo 3.

Challenge and the threat of death keep me entertained, not facerolling content for max drops/minute like I'm a human bot.

So very well said. Majority of people in this thread arguing about most efficient runs I might as well call bots, because that's all they are doing, except they're at the helm. I run MP6 and I destroy things pretty quickly. There is really no reason for me to do MP0. I would obliterate everything in seconds, but then I wouldn't have a reason to play.
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For WW/Sprint barbs, too low of MP you can't keep up WotB (40%MS bonus for Sprint and 20%MS bonus from WotB). I sprint everywhere in MP6+ between packs and clean up the whites while clearing elites. I also leave a trail of partial health enemies so I can sprint back if necessary in Arreat 1/2 and the Keep and still regen fury.

It's not all about kill speed, it's about maximizing movement speed in the case of Barbs. Tempest Rush for Monks has a similar mechanic for MS/Sprint Regen.
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according to blizz higher MF gives you better chance at a better rolled item

higher MP = more bonus MF
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11/29/2012 07:56 AMPosted by Shiroi
It's slower farming on anything lower than MP3 for me because I can't generate enough fury to sprint.

+1 that
Barbs are actually slower on low mp because they're always running out of fury for sprint. Mp0 = no sprint for more than half the map.
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