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Reduce Damage Melee Attacks vs. Elemental

I've seen several threads on this with no decent answer and was just wondering if anyone knows. It turns into someone defining the word melee which has nothing to do with game mechanics and what the developers consider melee.

Here are the two schools of thought:

1) Reduced damage from Melee / Ranged attacks only applies to physical damage attacks. (For example ranged would decrease an arrow's damage and melee a close physical attack)

2) Every attack is categorized as either Melee / Ranged and the reduction applies to all damage of that type. (For Example firebomb would be ranged reduction)

I think the answer is number 2, and if that is the case, I'm wondering what is melee and what is ranged? Is Desecrator, Molten, and Plague Melee while Arcane Sentry is ranged? Anyone know for sure? Please don't answer with a non tested or non documented guess.
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I was thinking of stacking some Melee Reduction and rolling around in Molten/Desecrator/Plagued for a while to test it out myself. I was actually wondering the same thing.

The thing is, the description for Superstition:

"Reduces all non-Physical damage by 20%. Whenever you take damage from a ranged or elemental attack, you have a chance to gain 3 Fury."

That makes me think that it is separate.

Also, since it is an elite affix, it might only be affected by Reduce Elite Damage.

I might try this out this weekend.
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Yah, it doesn't seem that anyone knows for sure, I wish a blue would answer.

I won't even dare to ask if it includes reflect damage and get that discussion going ha.
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One can probably get a statistically significant result from a test well before we ever hear from a blue.

It's too bad we can't duel and test this ourselves in a more controlled environment. The ability to duel like in D2 would solve so many problems. Sigh :(
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It's #2. Arcane sentry does melee damage.

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Sandwich.. thank you. That's good enough for me!
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Wow! Arcane lasers are melee? There goes IK set for my monk!
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