Diablo® III

Seeking help for Permanent Archon Wizard

If you took the crit chance off my hat, my total gear value would be about 100m, and I'd still be over 200k damage. 200m should definitely get you a lot more than 140k.

Archon is all about just stacking damage stats, of all types. Crit, crit damage, attack speed, +% to element, and int.
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11/30/2012 05:20 PMPosted by DarrylLaw
With improved.

Ah. For some reason I just cat stand crawling around with improved. I prefer to drop an mp and use teleport.
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6. Lifesteal - I swapped to a 2.8% LS wand before and still took damage from reflect elites and couldnt understand how to stay up... Also had ~350 life on hit from storm crow and still went down. Went back to my higher dps wand in profile now though. What's wrong? :( My AR is all over 500 tooThanks!

I absorb health from reflect damage packs at 245k dps, but I use blood magic, 2.9 life steal sword, and have ~650-~700 all res and ~4200 armor unbuffed.
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yeah i'm new to archon so maybe my sense of efficiency is a bit off
alkaizer run + key + 2 extra zones takes 30 mins, in archon at least 80%
paragon level every hour
so down to mp0?
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This is where I stand on my archon wiz right now. I spent about 2.2m and I'm at 87k dps before any buff. Will this be enough to faceroll act3 mp0 ? I haven't used my wiz passed act2 yet but I should have time this weekend and do some testing.

When posting this question, I was contemplating whether I should go with Archon Wiz or play a DH next to get to paragon 100..but it seems like I'm having a blast w/ my dh in group play. I decided to just put this wiz aside for now and not spend any of my hard earned gold on it yet...however, I want to hit 100k dps w/o having to spend too much gold..any suggestion? Will a decent Skorn around 10m take me there? I only need 13k to go....
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A decent Triumvirate might actually get you close. I personally prefer 1h + OH over the Skorn for a number of reasons but I won't get into them right now.
100k dps is a decent amount of DPS and I found once I hit that number things got easier. Maybe it's a placebo.
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I actually prefer 1h + OH too. I might try to invest in a new triumvirate with high avg dmg and sees where it would take me. thx
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