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ww barb disconnects

Every 10 minutes or so i get disconnected.
I bought 2 1h weapons today, was using a 2h till now.
Cant play longer than 10 mins. All is fine when i use my 2h weapon.

What is wrong here?

And dont tell me you are working on a fix for that because this problem is 4 months old!
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It's a known issue when using the whirlwind skill still under investigation by our QA Team. I don't really have any workarounds for you besides maybe trying to play in full screen windowed mode.
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The problem was solved, oh, 6 months ago. The game uses a sequential system to deal dot dmg and to gain life. Instead of actually dealing, say, molten or plagued dmg all at once, like you figure a game released in 2012 would have the capabilities to do, D3 uses some sort of guess-ahead algorythm wherein the game computes what will happen in half-second increments. So if you use a 1.45 speed weapon and a 1.51 speed OH, the game has to "guess" what your nados, LoH, and LS will be doing each half-second for the foreseeable future. If the game makes a mistake, it's been coded to revert to a cached copy of your character from 1-5 seconds ago.

It also seems to make this error when you begin a WW w enough fury to run for a bit, but you exhaust it during your WW, causing the game to reasses your status.

There will never be a fix for this, as the game is hard-coded to parse out life-gain and "damage over time" in a per tick fashion, rather than on demand.
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So that means i can never play ww? or do i have to switch to slower weapons? Other people play ww and have no problems. so what can i do?
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It's a known issue when using the whirlwind skill still under investigation by our QA Team. I don't really have any workarounds for you besides maybe trying to play in full screen windowed mode.

For some reason i am getting these disconnects again now after the maintenance on Tuesday...

For posterity here is the post i just made in general before coming here

I'm getting this message again VERY frequently.....

This is so irritating beyond words when my connection is %100 stable and i am not getting disconnected from Battle net also, only the current game, every other game i play is fine....... not Infallible but reasonably stable.

Why are these issues still happening i have seen so many complaints stating the same issue they are massively game breaking every time i have just got like 4 or 5 Stacks and i get d/c

I had been fine for the past month or so playing in windowed full screen with V sync off and just using the frame rate cap instead which was the standard suggested fix for WW Barb disconnects (Or suspected WW Barb d/c At least) and now apparently just after this last maintenance on Tuesday it is happening again every single game i cannot play for longer than ~ 10-15 mins before i am kicked from game.....

I have always been using 2x 1h Wep's, and have tried using skills sparingly and never on 0 fury, does not work.

Disabling V sync and using windowed full worked for me for some time although just recently it has started happening again....

I dunno if this is helpfull information or not but i also have been getting another error message "input limit reached" (cant remember exact wording) when i am browsing the menus and ah ect. usually after i have been changing stats a lot but most times after a long session of many runs, which i cant do anymore :(

i thought maybe it is related? like the recording of information from skills used and UI actions ect... is not/not efficiently flushing out of memory somewhere and it ends up with a backlog Dy syncing the client or some such?

Disclaimer: not trying to sound smart, I have never had anything to do with programming whatsoever so the above statement probably sounds retarded, but i just think sometimes it helps to hear an opinion from a different perspective... even if it's incorrect it may make you think of something >.<

PC Specs, (Game is on an SSD)

Win 7 x64 (most, latest updates)
i7 2600k @ 4.2
AsRock Z68
16gb - 1600mhz
R 7970 @ stock clocks
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Im a WW barb with a shield and I still get frequent disconnection. Never played 2 handed or dual weld barb. This problem has been going on for months. I personally think they are not putting enough resources to resolve this problem or maybe this is their way of nerfing the barb.
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Bump For answers....

Game is unplayable like this.... Very Frustrating.........
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I agree, since i switched my play style to a ww barb ive been getting disconnected quite often. Something needs to happen to adress this.
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I had to give up on hitting as many targets as possible for fury genny and switched to insanity, not that it matters because my gear is !@#$e yet.

The point is that I saved Barb until last because I knew it was OP, and after leveling four other toons to 60, my "just rewards" are more ironic than awesome.

This is the kind of problem that angers me most because there is no way to fix it...not even windowed fullscreen works anymore.

Is your estimate hopeful that this will be resolved? This problem is over 3 months old for me now, and the best class/build in the game being broken is depressing.
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I am also having frequent disconnects, so much so that i cant play for more than about 10 min or so , and i am using 2 1hand weapons primarily with WW.
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WW barb here.. Get DC'ed 2/10 times..which is really a pain.. frustrating.. can somebody look into this? it's really annoying
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New patch and still no fix........ good job i feel better every day playing this game knowing i did spend 60$ on it!
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Still no fix...... what is going on guys?
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Have same problems here. Lag and disconnect sometime.
DO NOT have a problem in 1.0.5
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We need a fix here!
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does the ww barb issue affecting other character as well?
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New patch..........Still no fix!
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