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I started playing again after a five to six month hiatus and now my equipment is even more obsolete than it was before when glass DHs were still the thing to do. Was wondering if there were specific gears I should look for that I can afford. (Currently only have 1.5m to my name atm)
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I dunno about pricing, but I could pass some of my older gears to you if you're interested.

If possible, could you post your D3 profile so I may know what I could pass to you that could upgrade your stats in overall.
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Think I just did it. Also, is Cluster Bombs as viable as it was before or BoL trumps it out now?
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I'm not sure about that skill as I use Evasive Fire as my main. I think I can help gear you up with what I was using before but I'll only be online in another 7 hours as I'm currently working.

Just click my profile and add me or I'll do the same :)
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Sent the friend request. Thanks a lot, hopefully it'll jump start my progress because I wasn't moving ahead much at all.
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When did you stop? There's a lot to catch up if you've been away for awhile.

First things you'll want to look at is most probably Monster Power. I'll get some links in a sec :)

Here's a Blizz blog post on Monster Power:
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Stopped in like June/July I think right after Nether Tentacles got nerfed and glass DHs were popular, but all I was doing were Butcher runs. Saw the Monster Power, just mainly looking at what kind of significant budget gears can pull me through to farm/level enough for better ones.
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I'll gear you up with some stuff to survive in Act III MP0 - 1, so you can start hunting from there if you wanna do speed runs.
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Looks like the server's under maintenance, I'll get on once it's up.
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I guess the maintenance took up most of the time yesterday when I could be on. I'll be on later at 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Wednesday (PST) and I'll pass you the gear.

How did you find the Monster Power, if you did test it out?
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