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used to be SC now HC Bump this



Mine is:


In my opinion, the difficulty level of classes (for solo play) is:


The Wiz is seriously lacking in both cc breaking ability and mobility compared to the DH. While the DH might be slightly squishier, being able to spam SS or gloom without cooldown is massive. The Wiz is heavily reliant on cooldowns, more so without high crit chance and critical mass.

Of course in groups, all classes are easy (so if you play a Wiz, play in groups preferably).
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I switched not too long ago. I beat diablo inferno solo at I think
paragon lvl 3 and currently 0 for 20 getting plan to drop from a4
Key warden on mp 1 but will keep trying since seems like I have
a deathwish going there but its great fun! Got lucky with a drop
that can gear my whole toon but waiting for right items to come
up on ah.
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Softcore is a huge disappointment for me... nothing in softcore keep me excited anymore. Just switched over hardcore a few days ago. try to sell my softcore eq and cash out the gold. perhaps, i will convert partial of the softcore gold to hardcore gold. 3 deaths already... now my hardcore barb already at lvl 52.

maybe i will still revisit softcore after a content or pvp patch... but still i find hardcore is much more interesting and keep me awake & alert while playing.
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I switched to hc in september after beating inferno with all 5 classes. Got a lvl 60 wizard going through act 2 inferno right now, all solo (but I'm really, really, really scared of the sewers). I still have nightmares pre 1.0.3 going through with my sc wizard and getting annihilated by a fast invulnerable pack of hungerer dudes in the sewers.

Might start a witch doctor soon with the same build im using with my sc wd, pets and tons of loh and regen.
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I just switched last week

I got addicted to HC!
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hope you don't turn into a junky man - it's hard to get that monkey off your back. Just sayin' - =)

Welcome to HC!
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hc - sc enjoyability rate 1:over 9000.
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Started this Monday afternoon after nearly 1000 hours of SC. I couldn't take SC anymore and was bored out of my mind. Decided to quit and then thought of HC which I never tried. I'm hooked on HC for sure. My fav class is Monk and that is what I'm rolling now. I'm landed lvl 20 and so far so good. Got great advice from the community and I take my time, enjoying every minute. My goal is to reach lvl 60 and finish the game. We'll see after that... if I make it that is! That's the fun part!!!
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100% of us...
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I started at the beginning of October. I had just finished leveling one of each class SC to 60. Downed inferno with Monk and to HC i came where i downed Inferno with my third HC toon, Barb. May he R.I.P.
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I switched over late August or early September. I have over 500 hours played on SC between my WD and barb and since I've made the switch, I'll log onto my SC barb if some friends are doing UBER runs.

The only thing I can't do in HC is wear a shield. I've tried twice lvling a tank barb and monk and those are the only two chars that haven't hit 60. Barb(first HC toon) died at 47 and monk at 53. I'm glad to say that all my deaths have been legit deaths and not a DC/lag death
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12/05/2012 11:54 AMPosted by TheSherm
I started at the beginning of October. I had just finished leveling one of each class SC to 60. Downed inferno with Monk and to HC i came where i downed Inferno with my third HC toon, Barb. May he R.I.P.

My 2nd barb killed diablo (with ieatworms as a 2 man team) in 1.04. He died the next day solo farming a2. How many people who clear the game are in any danger at all now of dying in a2? Nerf stick ftl.
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almost to 60
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Just dinged my first HC 60, haven't had any HC deaths yet.
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12/04/2012 08:49 AMPosted by Nedo
ive heard that DH and WD were worse than wiz in hc.. I cant speak from experience yet tho. Just know that i will use teleport, diamond skin, and frost nova, blur, and evocation for every build lol

You heard wrong
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12/04/2012 08:22 AMPosted by freelancer
rush i feel on near death fight i decide to quit softcore period.

LOL I love it, that's why I decided to switch.

I do go back to SC sometimes.
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yea the wondering if you can survive the next boss battle cause its you or him and a 10 second window that your not gonna get to escape if your getting your shorts handed to ya.. is a sobering feeling
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Switch back in june/july never looked back did get my sc guy 1 paragon to test waters lol
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Just made the switch myself. I'm absolutely loving it.

I don't play nearly as much as a lot of people. So being able to log in and be presented with a challenge, and never feel rushed is very important to me. So far, I've hit 42 on MP 5. It's definitely not a long leveling process!

At any rate! If there are any new HC players, or old HC players that like company feel free to add me! I'm a super nice guy and always down to kick the ball around.

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