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Warning: Slain By Firewall

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This hasn't happened to me in hardcore, but it is something folks should be aware of, because it's a nasty and unexpected way to die in the Keep Depths, First Floor of Act 3.

You already know the fire that comes up from the floor hits REALLY freaking hard. But did you know that monsters that run through it and are set afire can also burn you at the same rate of damage?


Be sure to see the image the guy posted. He died to "firewall damage" from a pack that was on fire.

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Wow, thanks a ton for this heads up
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Thanks for the heads up. I'm 100% sure that this is true:

12/04/2012 02:45 PMPosted by Battle123
i don't think the damage from a burning enemy is the same as standing directly on top of the fire though.

I do the keep depths every Act 3 run. I've been hit directly by the fire a few times, and I've fought monsters that have just gone through the fire many more times. Totally different experiences.
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i run through fire walls all the time and they dont bother me. i know what your saying here though. i was on a monk once in the keep with a wiz close behind me. as i run over the fire grate it activates and catches the guy behind me. next thing i see is they were slain by it.

its a really sad way to go. it happens though
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wow iddnt know the fire monsters hurt you. good lookign out
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That area sucks anyway and shouldn't be traversed. At the time, 580 fire res, 10k armor and 3k regen and superstitions and my regen couldn't keep up. Sorry, but that fire is beyond OP.
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the fire does something like 10k a second on my 700 res wizard
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>MP (6) inferno

so yeah..
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My Wizard died to Firewall. :D She only had like 260k EHP though. xD
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Burn!!!! *say it like lich voice in warcraft 3.
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