Diablo® III

No-Spinup Healing Blade CM MP3-4 Build

I tried a tyreal might and the armor works great if you farm just everything past siege breaker act3 or a4 including boss however a tal's armor with all resisit and (physical or armor) beats it in mitigation. I could feel the 50 physical resistance difference and attack speed but the dps was fine bc of the anti demon. Best part is a 3 socket tyreal pieces go for like 30m while a tals can be 150m (x5 more).

I keep flipping between Astral Presence and Arcane Dyanmo. However I plan on just going conflageration once i get a fire SOJ. And man the soj for this build goes for like 5mill...

Also i tried running this build without life steal and its bad on mp3, wont work.
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MP3 Act2
199k +26% blade +40% elite +20% cold blood +10% conflageration
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Did about 30 runs this morning with a few different people on my act 2 route mp3. It was alot of fun running with a throw barb that used the force march shout. It was interesting as a wizard to have 69 movement speed at times. So far I love throw barbs especially with forced march, tempest rush conviction monks with 7+ spirit regen, legacy nat dh (especially 300k+ verse elite ones).
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Sample of how a Forced March barb can help:
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Eh, I saw your first video, you stand at the edge of the corner in vota to teleport to the other side.
How did your barbarian friend run through the empty space? I never see him using leap.

EDIT: sorry, I saw it after replaying again. Nice teamplay.
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