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2-Handed WW Barb?

will the build work by using a 2 hander?
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Yes and no. At higher MP levels should be fine. But at low efficient loot/xp farming dual wield is the only way to keep wrath up efficiently.
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great thanks..
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I really don't understand this fixation with keeping Thrive On Chaos up constantly. Yes, it's nice to have the increased Movement Speed and CC Immunity up as much as you can, but for it to really work, you basically have to give up getting a lot of items. It works wonders when you're just XP farming, but if you want a lot of loot while grinding XP, then you're not going to be able to keep Thrive on Chaos going.

I do the WW build with a two hander for MP3-4. The mob health pools are just enough for me to kill them quickly while also having decent fury generation. I opted to use Insanity instead of Thrive on Chaos because I wanted to accumulate wealth while grinding paragon levels. Works pretty well. If you don't mind giving up a bit of damage, you can get either an IK Boulder Breaker or Fury of the Vanished Peak two handed mighty weapons, both of which have a chance at increasing the critical hit chance of Whirlwind.

What will this do? Well, Weapon Master increases fury generation with Mighty Weapons. Whirlwind's fury cost has been lowered in 1.0.5. Add in a high critical hit chance, overpower/killing spree, and a high critical chance on whirlwind two hander, and your whirlwind will be generating a good amount of fury. Just keep in mind, like a DW build, you do need some attack speed increasing items.

Personally, I use a Skorn because I love the critical hit chance that weapon master gives and the all around very good DPS it gives. Your mileage may vary.
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It will work. Skorn is the best 2h choice because you get huge DPS and they have become affordable. Use a DPS calculator before you buy the best one that fits your budget. It is stupid not to use a DPS calculator. There are free ones such as theasiangamer.com that are extremely easy to use.

If you have good enough gear to have a free passive slot, Animosity helps to generate fury.

IMO, Seismic Slam, WotB - Insanity, and Sprint Marathon works better than WW for low MP Skorn play. WW is viable but it requires a lot of focus and it's crude at low MP compared to DW WW.
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Good advice, VeePow, I use a different build that incorporates Seismic Slam (love the skill), but Whirlwind does have a few modifiers to it that makes it a little too good to pass up (these you most assuredly know):

1. Whirlwind allows you to pass through mobs - keeps you mobile while sprinting at high speeds

2. Whirlwind makes you immune to Vortex and Knockback (and its slowing effect) while whirlwinding - you just eliminated two affixes with a single skill

3. Whirlwind was changed in 1.0.5. to have a lower start up Fury cost (10 instead of 16), and the fury spent per "tick" of whirlwind was also reduced and changed so Two Handers and One Handers have roughly the same tick per cost of fury; this means whirlwind will generate 5 fury with Into the Fray (if your crit procs the fury generation), and the fury cost is now really low.

Don't get me wrong, like I said, I love Seismic Slam (especially with Strength From Earth). It's just that it's not as versatile as Whirlwind.
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ww works double ww doesnt work
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Oh yeah 2 handed WW is working out just fine with sprint battle rage and rend, im able to stay alive in inferno monster lvl 7 if i stay on the kill. Elites are hit and miss i can kill most but some are tough.
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