Diablo® III

Rakkis Crossing Lag Spikes

Hey everyone,
I have a great computer, never any problems with anything else, run 70-110ms max, run on all max settings, same with WOW. I never get any stuttering, or any problems in general except something in the last few weeks.

In Rakkis Crossing, after you past the door to the cellar store, you head up some stairs to the next section and there is always a ton of fire and a ton of mobs. EVERY single time i get a huge lag spike once i start CM/WWing. Doesn't matter if I play single, or with group play, it just a huge lag spike and slows and I usually end up dieing. Second time, everything is fine.

Seems like this is a common issue for wizards:
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I had the same problem until today. I was telling my friends I didn't want to do Rakki's because my computer couldn't handle it, someone in my party told me to lower my Sound Settings. I lowered it from 32-bit (Lower) to 16-bit (Lowest) and I haven't had any fps problems at Rakki's since.

This may help you too.
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Had the same issue, it falls under the hdd not being able to keep up problem.

I installed the mpqs folder to a flash drive today and have had no problems so far

and I was able to turn my sound back up to 5.1 surround :)
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I had this very same problem, I bought a new computer, and still had the problem.
I increased my sound from 32-bit to 64-bit and haven't had the problem since.
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