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Post What Your Battletag Means

Mine is a quote from one of the all time greatest TV shows, MASH. Some of my character names also came from MASH. I wonder how many people even know what I am talking about?
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For all D2 players that don't play shock pally, ShaelUmTir is Crescent Moon.
Enhanced dmg, Increased att sp, Ignore Target's Defense(my personal fav), and the best part... -35% to enemy lightning resist. O..sometimes it cast static field and/or chain lightning when attacking. Due to lightning immune monsters, hammerdin is more overpower than shockadin.

EDIT: i wonder how many veteran D2 player know bout this runeword
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Old TvP build in SC:BW where you fake 2 fact pressure with only 1 factory, contain the opponent but expand behind it instead

it can also be taken to mean 'doppelganger', 'clone' or a 'stunt double', which seemed fitting for an online alias.
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My B-tag is an alternate spelling of a main character of my favorite movie of which I'm sure you all recognize. The reason I had to use an alternate spelling is from my days of playing WoW and the original spelling was already taken.
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My CM name, however, is a slight alteration of a MUD-type character I ran for well over ten years. Ah… memories. :)

Well it sucks.
Nah just kidding.
My name is a random name from TBC WoW 4 years ago (when you could click random name and puff! you had a name). I liked it so much that I've used it in every game I ever played and I'm gonna keep using it.
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I was born with red hair, but as I got older it turned brown. My beard, however, is still a deep red. Hence the name redbeard.
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Started reading " A Song of Ice and Fire" about 10 years ago. Any of you who read the book know who this is.

My in game charcter is Beric.

You see the theme.

I love when i meet someone who knows what my name is

Bonus Point to
whoever says what happened to Rhaegar

came across branstark couple weeks ago lol.
SPOILER!!!......................Theon Greyjoy is alive
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Dat Funk
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My name's a variant on an old Unreal Tournament name and clan I used to love:)
F ya!

Got the added bonus that Diablo3 just happened to match haha D3
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Shortened from "Demonic in the Light", a novel I intend to publish some day. No seriously, I can have dreams can't I?
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My name started from an rpg, Now I use it on all my motorcycle forums and car forums, and all video games I play.

etc etc
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because I like rumple minz, it gets me drunk and keeps me minty fresh at the same time! However I spelled it rumplemintz because most people believe that is how it is spelled...
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Used to have a brazilian nanny.

Garoto = Little kid in portuguese

Made famous on thescene by yourse truly
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Pinoy version of Domon Cashew.

"Kasuy" is the tagalog word for Cashew nuts.
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Well, back when I was really angsty little teenager, like talking 13-15, I ran around with the name victory_girl. I laugh now because I was possibly the worst starcraft player in existence. Then when it finally hit me that my handle was completely absurd and retarded (16ish, still angsty), I tried a new one, but kept running blanks. Saw a lollipop, like the classic giant circled striped ones, on the desk. Tried it, already taken. So ended up with Loli.Pop. Dropped the . for some reason, don't remember why.
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The iron(III)oxide and aluminum compound that is Thermite.
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Messed up and downloaded the European client that by the time I knew I was on the EU server I already had three level 60 characters. Got the name from an anime called "One Piece" where the "thing" (klabauterman) was a mechanic/spirit of ships.

People keep talking to me in dutch, then I found out klabauterman means a wee man in fairy tales.

For fun: type klabauterman and check spelling. It would give you the word manslaughter
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